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More About This Dispensary

With the cost of pharmaceutical opioids and NSAIDs increasing, and the awareness of the side-effects and risks for long-term use, more patients in Florida are exploring the wellness benefits of medical marijuana.

Trulieve is a State leader in medical cannabis products and accessories. If you are a patient who has a valid Florida MMJ card, you can visit one of our Trulieve locations to set up a customer account. The Trulieve representative will discuss your wellness concerns, and help you develop a treatment plan.

Medical cannabis provides another option for patients, who are suffering from painful symptoms every day. From smokable flower (whole-plant marijuana) to discreet and easy-to-use personal vaporizers, the service team at Trulieve will help you find an approach that works best for you.

Trulieve also provides compassionate care. Parents or legal guardians of minors who have a chronic disease, or terminal illnesses, can get the information they need to determine the best pediatric approach for relief with medicinal cannabis. Many parents choose sublingual drops for rapid-acting relief of pain, muscular tremors, nausea, and other disruptive symptoms.

An Interview with Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve

Jennifer Tapiero, cannabis reviewer and influencer, interviewed Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer for Trulieve. During the interview, Valda explains how Trulieve dispensaries are unique. Each dispensary in Florida reflects the root culture of the community it serves. When Florida residents walk into one of the dispensaries, they feel at home. It’s the attention to detail that Trulieve embeds in every location which helps create a positive patient experience.

Patient Care and Services

One of the most frequent comments from Trulieve medical marijuana customers is that the staff at Trulieve are knowledgeable. When you have set up your member account at Trulieve, you can opt into the Loyalty Program, to receive discounts on therapeutic cannabis products. You will also receive information about special education or information events, to help patients learn more about the therapeutic use of medical marijuana.

First-Time Patients

Patient Registration Requirements

Medical marijuana patients in Florida are required to complete a medical evaluation from a Department of Health (DOH) certified physician. The letter of recommendation for medical marijuana is then provided to the Florida Department of Health for the patient registry, with a $75 fee payable to the DOH.

When the Florida resident has received their medical marijuana card in the mail, they will need to present that card at the initial visit to a Trulieve dispensary and provide government-issued photo identification. A patient profile will be established, and the MMJ card and government-issued photo identification are required for every medical cannabis order pick-up or delivery.

Location and Directions

The Clearwater Beach Trulieve dispensary is located at 645 Bayway Blvd Clearwater Beach, FL 33767. New medical marijuana patients receive a 15% discount on cannabis products and accessories.

For directions to the dispensary, find Trulieve on Google Maps.

Medical Cannabis Products Available

Trulieve provides the following medical marijuana products to certified MMJ patients:

  • TruPowder (Nano-encapsulated Cannabinoid powder to be mixed with water)
  • Medical cannabis flower (whole flower, smokable)
  • CBD Oils
  • Concentrates
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Topical cream
  • THC / CBD Ratio products
  • Vaporizers, Pens, and accessories

Many patients who have no previous experience using medical marijuana, trust the suggestions from Trulieve customer service staff. For some health conditions, there are strains of medical marijuana that work better for symptom relief. Your Trulieve representative will help you explore different products specific to your wellness goals.