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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
  • Medical Experience: Yes
  • Accepting Patients: No
  • Accepting Online Appointments: Yes
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Monday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 07:00PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00PM
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More About This Dispensary

Registration Requirements

  • All patients must be 21 years or older.
  • Patients must be registered with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program and possess an ID card.
  • All customers must come to the dispensary with a valid MMJ card and a valid driver's license. Both will be checked at the door.

Why You Should Choose This Dispensary

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Patients can enjoy products that are properly matched with their ailments. Plus, the store has a large selection of high-quality cannabis strains and marijuana products.


True Greenz Hydro and Compassion is located at 1487 South M 30. The store is very close to Winegars Road and Larrabee Creek.

Products Available

Some of the cannabis flowers and medical marijuana products available at this dispensary include the following:

  • Indica: OG Kush, 501 OG
  • Sativa: Kabrales, Maui Wowie, Super Haze, Sour Diesel, Juicy Fruit, Blue Dream #1
  • Hybrid: Quantom Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Critical Mass, Fire Alien Kush, Ultra Sour, Girl Scout Cookie, White Widow, Fruity Pebbles
  • Concentrates: Shatter, Organic Lemon OG, Space Chimp, Rick Simpson Oil, Crumble (Meltdown), OG Kush Crumble
  • Edibles: No-Bake Cookies, Power Balls, Zucchini Bread
  • Pre-rolls: Indica Pre-roll, Sativa Pre-roll, Cone

Ordering and Delivery

All items must be ordered in the store. However, patients can confirm stock levels on the phone before driving to the dispensary. Also, the store offers special deals for veterans.

Payment Methods

True Greenz Hydro and Compassion accepts cash as their principal method of payment.
First-Time Patients

True Greenz Hydro and Compassion Club and Hydroponics Shop is a small non-profit organization that serves as a registered medical marijuana dispensary for patients in Gladwin and surrounding areas in Michigan. The team is passionate about providing all patients with the best medicine to treat their medical condition.

A large stock of cannabis strains and marijuana products are available for duly registered medical marijuana patients. The staff is comprised of experienced caregivers who know the best type of products to provide effective relief from each medical condition.