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So-Cal Co-Op - Woodland Hills, CA Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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So-Cal Co-Op - Woodland Hills, CA

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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Monday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Friday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 PM

More About This Dispensary

Special Orders

To accommodate patients who need specific or rare kinds of cannabis medicine, So-Cal Co-Op has an online service for special orders. Once you add everything you want to your cart, you must provide your name and phone number. So-Cal Co-Op then requires you to confirm your order over the phone once so they can verify that they have your medicine in stock.

Strains Sold at So-Cal Co-Op

The dispensary stocks a large inventory of flower that covers the full spectrum of cannabis-responsive health problems. Their bud comes from California farms that use state-certified growing methods. You’ll find strains like:

  • Platinum Bubba
  • Erkle
  • Maui Waui
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Durban Poison
  • Green Crack
  • Kosher Kush
  • Bruce Banner

What Else Can You Find on the Menu?

To round out their selection, So-Cal Co-Op also sells cannabis products like:

  • Medicated bubble bath
  • Body oils, lotions, rubs and creams
  • Pet medicine
  • Vaporizer pens and cartridges
  • Pre-rolls
  • Infused candies, spreads, snacks and drinks
  • Tinctures and capsules

Have a question about something on the shelves? Ask one of So-Cal Co-Op’s team members for more information.

Where to Visit

Stop by So-Cal Co-Op at 6322 Fallbrook Ave., between Victory Boulevard and Sylvan Street.

First-Time Patients

Medical Use License: M10-18-0000261-TEMP
Adult Use License: A10-18-0000218-TEMP

So-Cal Co-Op originally opened in 2007 in Tarzana, CA. Later on, they moved to their current location in Woodland Hills. No matter where they operate, they dedicate themselves to serving patients in need of safe, natural relief from their symptoms. Now that California allows recreational sales, they’re proud to serve all adult customers who are 21 or older.

Patients should bring the original copy of their doctor’s recommendation or their California medicinal cannabis card. Recreational use patrons just need to show an ID verifying their age to enter and make a purchase.

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