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Rocky Mountain Cannabis - Ridgway, CO Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Rocky Mountain Cannabis - Ridgway, CO

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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Monday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Tuesday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Wednesday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Thursday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Friday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Saturday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM
Sunday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM

More About This Dispensary

Rocky Mountain — Ridgeway’s Premium Cannabis Facility

Rocky Mountain's marijuana dispensary was one of the first cannabis facilities to open its doors to the public in Fremont Colorado. As a leader in the medical and recreational marijuana industry, they strive to offer the best quality products at a price that consumers can afford.

All individuals seeking cannabis in the Colorado community that are at least 21 years of age or older are invited to stop by the facility during open hours to browse their vast selection. Please note that patrons should bring a state-issued ID to every visit.

Products for Purchase at Rocky Mountain — Ridgeway

Rocky Mountain Cannabis' Ridgeway dispensary offers hundreds of options to patrons to accommodate every customer's needs. Every product is lab-tested to ensure satisfaction during use. Patrons who visit this facility have access to an expansive menu that includes the following strains:

  • Indica: Face Off OG, Citrus Berry, Coak Creek Kush, 303 Kush, Triangle Kush, Air Raid, Killawatt, etc.
  • Sativa: Durban Haze, Bus Driver, Glass Slipper, Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Golden Goat, etc.
  • Hybrids: Tri-Fi, Big Smooth, Lemon Skunk, Star Dawg, Big Bubba Diesel, etc.

Customers also can choose from a variety of edibles, pre-rolls and more!

Visiting Rocky Mountain Cannabis at Ridgeway

Rocky Mountain is proud to serve Ourway County and the surrounding communities of the Montrose and Ridgeway area. To reach this location, navigate to 152 Highway 550, building 103. The shop is easily accessible for handicap patrons, as well.

First-Time Patients

Rocky Mountain Cannabis offers recreational and medical patients throughout the Ridgeway, Colorado, area access to high-quality marijuana products at prices they can afford. When the dispensary first opened its door to the public in 2009, Rocky Mountain had one primary objective in mind: to bring the curative properties of marijuana to individuals scattered throughout the Colorado region.

Today, Rocky Mountain extends their services to recreational and medical users located on the Western Slope of Colorado. Patrons will enjoy access to a clean, safe and innovate facility while under the guidance of trained professions who make it their goal to address every customer’s needs. 

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