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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
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Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00PM
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More About This Dispensary

Getting There

Minnesota Medical Solutions is located in Moorhead along the North Dakota border. A short distance from the Moorhead Center Mall, it is easily accessible from Highway 10, Route 94 and Route 75. The dispensary shares a building with Pizza Hut, Verizon Wireless and a tattoo studio with plenty of free parking.


The MinnMed line of products is color-coded to make it easier for patients who don’t have any knowledge of medical marijuana. Each color represents a different ratio of THC to CBD. Medical marijuana patients should have a ratio recommendation from their marijuana doctor. MinnMed products strive to be extremely accurate with their content to ensure maximum benefit from the right product.

Minnesota Medical Solutions offers THC-dominant products and CBD-dominant ones, as well as several balances between the two primary active ingredients in medical cannabis. The ratio and dosage by volume is marked on each product.

First Visit

You should be prepared to pay with cash when you go to the dispensary. Minnesota Medical Solutions only accepts payments in cash, and there is no ATM on the premises. There are many retail and restaurant businesses in the surrounding area, so finding a local ATM should be no problem.

The pharmacy team offers 30-minute appointments for first-time clients to help them understand how to select the right cannabis products for them. You can make your appointment online or by phone for this initial visit.

Virtual consultations are available via Skype if you have questions before going to the pharmacy. This is a good way to follow-up with the pharmacy team about your products if you live a distance from the dispensary or have trouble getting around.

First-Time Patients

Since 2012, Minnesota Medical Solutions is one of the two licensed medical marijuana manufacturers in Minnesota. Using scientific methods, hydroponic testing and low-water and low-energy growing techniques, they create personalized prescriptions for patients that eliminate the trial-and-error approach to dosing.

This approach helps patients find maximum benefit in their medical marijuana products with no unnecessary affects and a very low risk of side-effects.

Doctor’s Knowledge
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Doctor’s Personality
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everything was mostly great.. fast, friendly services. mn med solutions has better pricing and better loyalty program over leafline labs. the products are not cheap though. at least 2 to 5 hundred dollars a month will be spent as a medical marijuana patient in minnesota. it would be way better if the pharmacists had actual recommendations for each illness and which products usually work best for them. the staff explains the products, then asks you what you're interested in. the options and variety of products can create frustration in not knowing what products will work best for the massive amount of money you pay.

. , April 27, 2019