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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
  • Medical Experience: Yes
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More About This Dispensary

Quality Control

Medzen Services Inc. will not settle for anything less than excellence. From beginning to end, they go above and beyond to provide a safe, pure and effective product.

Their quality control measures are unrivaled:

  • Plants develop in specialty grow pods, protecting against contamination and insects
  • Light, humidity, CO2 gas and temperature are precisely maintained
  • Workers wear clean scrubs and gloves while interacting with the plants
  • After harvest, products are lab-tested for bacteria and mold

Unrivaled Products

The medications available at Medzen Services Inc. are better than anything out there. Because of their strict quality control measures, purity and consistency are guaranteed. They’re so confident about their products that they guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied.

They provide patients with the THC, CBD and other essential elements data for each strain ensuring you know what you’re getting.

Medzen’s medications include:

  • Hand-cut and cured medical-grade cannabis flowers
  • Carefully produced concentrates and derivatives
  • Essential oils
  • BHO waxes
  • Glycerin and whole plant extract vape cartridges


Medzen Services Inc. is located near the corner of Unser and McMahon boulevards in Albuquerque next to CVS Pharmacy. Their address is 10660 Unser Blvd., Suite H.

First-Time Patients

Medzen Services Inc. takes a scientific approach to medical cannabis. They believe the best way to serve their patients is by providing the highest-grade medical marijuana on the market — that’s why they pour so much energy into the growth, harvesting and testing of their cannabis. The outcome is a product that rivals anything you will find anywhere in the country.

At every stage, strict protocols are in place to ensure that each strain remains consistent. Patients don’t have to wonder if this year’s harvest will be different than the last.