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Dispensary Information

MedStop 7 Mile carries more than 50 strains as supply allows and all of their marijuana products are affordably priced. First-time visitors need to have letters of reference before making any purchases and all patients have to have a valid state ID card as well as a Michigan medical cannabis card. These are some of the strains that are typically available:

  • Alaskan Ice — This cross between Haze and White Widow provides an energetic buzz, but it also has an extremely high THC content level. As a result, users will likely be much better off using it either at night or on weekends when they don't need to be productive. Alaskan Ice is known for the frost-like, thick resin that covers its buds.
  • Fire Haze — Fire Haze provides upbeat and stimulating effects, making it an excellent choice for patients suffering from problems such as anxiety, stress and severe headaches. Users typically first notice sensations in the head and then experience a significant reduction in tension in the neck area. Since it doesn't produce heavy sedative effects, Fire Haze is a good choice for use during the day. It has a nutty taste and emits a strong herbal aroma.
  • Incredible Hulk — Incredible Hulk is another strain that’s good for daytime use, featuring a high-energy buzz that is excellent for patients dealing with minor pain. It helps to stimulate creative energy while providing pleasant tastes that include pineapple and blueberry.

All of the dispensary’s budtenders are committed to providing the best possible experience to their customers and making sure they receive the exact strains that are best suited for the particular conditions they’re suffering from. Ask about their specials for first-time customers.

First-Time Patients

This medical cannabis dispensary carries a wide selection of not only marijuana strains but also concentrates, vapes, edibles and much more. MedStop 7 Mile offers a comfortable yet professional setting and the highest-quality medications.