Marijuana Mart - Rochester, WA

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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
  • Medical Experience: Yes
  • Accepting Patients: Yes
  • Accepting Online Appointments: No
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Monday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
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Saturday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
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More About This Dispensary

The Aisles at Marijuana Mart

Marijuana Mart teams up with a variety of growers and producers, so they’re guaranteed to have a remedy that fits your needs and budget. They stock hundreds of items in their store at a time, such as:

  • Indica: Golden Pineapple, Grape Ape, OG Kush, Liberty OG, Yoda x True OG, Kosher Kush, Obama Kush, Purple OG, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Magoo, Vanilla Kush and White Rhino
  • Sativa: Mango Haze, Power Diesel, Strawberry Banana, Cinex, Acapulco Gold, ATF, Lemon Haze, Amnesia, Jack Herer, Chernobyl, Guana Bana, White Buffalo and Double Dream
  • Hybrid: Star Dawg, Golden Pineapple, Black Russian, Gorilla Glue, Dogwalker, Peacemaker, Dutch Treat, Tangie, J-1, Harley Sue, Skywalker Kush, Mendo Afgoo, NYC Diesel and Mango
  • Extracts: Resin, vape cartridges, distillate, dab cartridges, terp sugar, honeycomb, wax, rosin, shatter and RSO
  • Edibles: Drops, tinctures, sparkling drinks, mints, truffles, chocolate, coconut oil, capsules, honey, candy and sugar
  • Topicals: Gels, balms, body butter, creams, roll-ons and lip balm

How to Get Medical Marijuana Patient Status

MMJ patients in Washington have more choices than recreational marijuana users. Adults over 21 may be able to buy marijuana, but patients who register for the state MMJ database can:

  • Pay fewer taxes on weed purchases
  • Carry more weed at a time
  • Grow more plants in their home
  • Buy more potent medicine
  • Join a growing collective

If you’re interested, have your doctor fill out an authorization form from the state and take it to a medical consultant at Marijuana Mart.

If You Go

Although Marijuana Mart operates in the Grand Mound area, they’re technically located in Rochester at 6039 197th Ave., Southwest. They don’t deliver and only accept cash payments.

First-Time Patients

Marijuana Mart helps around 10,000 customers get high-quality marijuana products every month. They sell weed to residents and visitors of the Grand Mound/Rochester area in Washington state.

While Marijuana Mart markets itself as a recreational marijuana dispensary, they’re also licensed by the state to provide medical marijuana services. They can help you get your “green card” and counsel you on the medical benefits of different products.