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More About This Dispensary

Hawaii’s 329 Card

Hawaii doesn’t allow recreational marijuana use. So, to get cannabis medicine legally, you must get a Hawaii medical marijuana card, also known as a 329 card. Having a 329 card means the state considers you part of their medical marijuana program.

The registration process is simple and mostly electronic. To get a 329 card, submit your information and copies of identifying documents to the state’s medical marijuana website. Once the state has your details, you can have your doctor file an application of their own to certify you for marijuana use.

If Hawaii legalizes recreational use of weed, you’ll probably be able to use your 329 card for extra discounts and waived taxes. Many patients in states where folks can use marijuana legally take advantage of the bonuses from the program.

Manoa Botanicals’ Inventory

Manoa Botanicals’ mainly focuses on selling a curated selection of Hawaiian-grown marijuana strains. They carry indica, sativa and hybrid breeds that treat all sorts of medical conditions. If you have a qualifying condition under Hawaiian law, you’ll find something to relieve your symptoms at Manoa Botanicals.

In addition to flower, Manoa Botanicals stocks concentrates crafted from Hawaiian weed. Thanks to a precise extraction process, the concentrates have plenty of terpenes — they create shatter, wax, oil, tinctures and rosin for all your concentrate needs.

Before You Go

Visit Manoa Botanicals at 1308 Young St., right across from Honolulu University. They take cash payments only and don’t have delivery options available. However, members of the staff are happy to assist you with any questions you have, making the in-person visit worth it every time.

First-Time Patients

The budtenders at Manoa Botanicals aim to make the Honolulu community and the state of Hawaii happier and healthier. By selling high-quality marijuana sourced from Hawaiian growers, they keep money in the community.