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More About This Dispensary

The Higher Health dispensary is located on Monkey Island, in Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Higher Health has a service mission to provide A.C.E. (Affordability, Compassion, and Education) for Oklahoma patients. The dispensary has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Google Reviews from customers who appreciate high-quality medical cannabis, expert services, and competitively priced medicinal products.

Located about 80 miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Higher Health dispensary is situated on a resort island and busy marina. The location is ideal for vacationing residents and medical marijuana cardholders from Oklahoma who are looking for quality medical cannabis products and expert advice.

Distributor of Bloom Canna Cannabis and Mushroom Capsules

Higher Health Oklahoma provides a full selection of Bloom Canna Cannabis and Mushroom Capsules for certified patients. Mushroom extracts such as Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail are combined with cannabis to help provide pain relief, while the adaptogens found in the mushrooms help deactivate free radicals, boost antioxidants, and support a healthier immune system.

Higher Health dispensary provides medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma with the following quality medical cannabis products and categories:

Smokable flower

Higher Health Oklahoma also provides Orion Cannabis Tablets. These tablets have been reported by patients to reduce chronic pain symptoms and muscular pain, improve ease of movement by reducing joint pain, and promote relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Higher Health Oklahoma has received multiple favorable reviews from Oklahoma patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.

First-Time Patients

Higher Health Oklahoma Helps Patients Make Informed Decisions About Medical Cannabis

For patients who are new to the Oklahoma medical marijuana registry, you’ll want to find the right dispensary that will take the time to review your symptoms and provide suggestions. First-time patients may explore multiple strains and intake methods for medical cannabis before they arrive at the most efficient treatment plan.

Each service representative at Higher Health can review your current symptoms and your personal wellness goals to provide custom recommendations for patients. They will also answer any questions you have about different types of intake methods, from inhalable or smokable varieties to edibles and tinctures.