Gypsy Greens Olympia - Olympia, WA

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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
  • Medical Experience: Yes
  • Accepting Patients: Yes
  • Accepting Online Appointments: No
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Monday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 09:00PM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 07:00PM
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More About This Dispensary

How Do Washington Weed Laws Work?

All adults 21 and older can buy and use marijuana recreationally, and medical marijuana patients who sign up for the state’s program can buy more powerful medicine and carry more bud. If you need some extra wiggle room to treat your illness, join the program by taking a doctor’s note to a medical consultant at a state-recognized pot shop. Gypsy Greens can’t register new patients, so you’ll have to go somewhere else to sign up.

The Peace, Love and Cannabis at Gypsy Greens

Gypsy Greens stocks a little bit of everything. Check the menu before you go so you know what they have in stock — you can’t pre-order or request delivery. Some of their best products include:

  • Indica: Purple Headband, Black Russian, Critical Mass, Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies, Sweet and Sour, Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush and MK Ultra
  • Sativa: Sour Diesel, Lemon Skunk, Hawaiian Dream, Dirty, Firehouse OG, Golden Pineapple, Blue Dream, Tangie, Dirty Girl, Green Crack, Northern Lights and Presidential Kush
  • Hybrid: Dutchberry, Star Dawg, Agent Orange, Cherry Pie, Albert Walker, Cookie Wreck, Blue Widow, AK-47, Black Cherry Soda, Grape Ape and Critical Plus
  • Pre-rolls: Adak, Cinex, LA Confidential, Oregon Silver Haze, Fire OG, Peach Machine, Sour Grape, OG Kush and Allen Wrench
  • Extracts: Wax, shatter, dab cartridges and honeycomb
  • Edibles: Tinctures, drops, chocolate, cookies, brownies, capsules, cold drinks and hard candy

Dispensary Details

To visit Gypsy Greens in Olympia, trek on over to 234 Division Street, right between Division Street and Cushing Street. The dispensary takes cash only.

First-Time Patients

Gypsy Greens’ Olympia store gives their customers safe access to high-quality weed products to suit every need. They serve almost 5000 pot connoisseurs a month. The owners and budtenders try to spread the values of peace and love to their patrons and emphasize the spiritual side of the cannabis experience.

Keep in mind that Gypsy Greens sells recreational marijuana, not medical marijuana. They operated as a medical dispensary in the past, but transferred to recreational sales after Washington laws changed in 2016.