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More About This Dispensary

Holistic Healing

Garden Mother Herbs is one of the most unique dispensaries in the region. With an herbalist and a nutritionist on staff, they also educate their patients concerning diet and alternative treatments. They believe that healing comes when the individual is in alignment with what they ingest, both plants and food.

They host classes and events that serve as opportunities for the community to gain beneficial information about this new field of medical discovery.

Holistic Products

Finding the best product for the patients’ needs is key. During one-on-one consultations, the staff considers your lifestyle, not just your condition. Only then will they recommend a strain, a consumption method and proper dosage. The medical marijuana sold is organically grown, cured and trimmed by hand.

A large selection of both cannabis and herbal products are available for purchase at Garden Mother Herbs:

  • Cannabis flower, the dispensary’s specialty
  • Handcrafted fudge and caramels
  • Infused butter and cooking oils
  • Topical products
  • Vaporizers, glass products and rolling paper
  • Non-cannabis products like essential oils, balms, lotions and more

Helpful Information

Patients must purchase all cannabis products with cash, but other shop items can be purchased with a credit or debit card.


Garden Mother Herbs is located at 904 Kensington Ave. in Missoula, Mont. Ample parking spaces are available.

First-Time Patients

Garden Mother Herbs believes the earth yields incredible plants for healing. Their beginning is rooted in herbal medicines. As the staff learned of the health benefits cannabis provided, they became a medical marijuana dispensary.

Holistic healing is their primary goal. A person is not just a list of symptoms, and everyone who visits Garden Mother receives individual care. Budtenders often form close relationships with each patient, suggesting both cannabis and other traditional herbal remedies to help treat them. The staff thrives on feedback, so they always follow-up with all their patients to better understand how products can affect people.