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  • Delivery Range: 10 mi
  • Medical Experience: Yes
  • Accepting Patients: Yes
  • Accepting Online Appointments: No
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Monday: 08:00 AM - 10:00PM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 10:00PM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 10:00PM
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More About This Dispensary

Does Freedom Market Offer Medical Services?

Freedom Market does not have a medical endorsement, so it only has a recreational menu. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find products that will relieve your symptoms. If you don’t mind paying tax on your medicine and only need regular-strength items, you can still benefit from Freedom Market’s products. When in doubt, ask a budtender if something has the effects you want.

Some of the more suitable products for medical patients sold at Freedom Market include:

  • Bath soaks
  • Lotions
  • Topical sticks
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

If you find the item you choose isn’t strong enough to relieve your symptoms, ask for a more potent product. You may have to get a medical marijuana card if you need medicinal-strength cannabis.

Varieties of Flower

Freedom Market sells Washington-grown cannabis flower that comes in strains such as:

  • Blue Dream
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Dutch Treat
  • Jillybean
  • XJ-13
  • GSC
  • White Fire OG

Ask a staff member for more information about a flower’s source or medical benefits.

Other Marijuana Products at Freedom Market

In addition to the items mentioned about, Freedom Market has cannabis-infused products and marijuana accessories, including:

  • Vape cartridges
  • Syringes
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Live resin
  • Hash
  • Crumble
  • Kief
  • Dessert edibles
  • Pre-rolls


Find Freedom Market’s Cathlamet location at 327 WA-4/Ocean Beach Highway, between Boege Road and Fern Hill Road.

First-Time Patients

Freedom Market originally began as a single cannabis dispensary in Kelso in 2014. When they opened the Longview location later that year, they became the first retail marijuana chain in Washington state. Eventually, they established a third location in Ilwaco in 2016. Fast forward to 2017, when they founded their fourth branch in Cathlamet.

To make a purchase at Freedom Market Cathlamet, you must have a Washington medical marijuana card or a valid ID showing you’re 21 or older.