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More About This Dispensary

Cansortium Inc., headquartered in Miami, is a global medical cannabis cultivator, processor, and manufacturer that specializes in the production of high-quality medical marijuana. Cansortium first launched into the medical cannabis sector with a chain of dispensaries called Knox Medical, which was one of the first licensed dispensaries in the state of Florida.

Founded in 1962, Knox Horticulture LLC. or Knox Nursery, was the business that launched the dispensary chain after building expertise and cultivation facilities for over 60 years in Florida. Knox Medical began selling medical cannabis to qualified patients through 10 Florida dispensaries in 2017. After all of their success in Florida, Fluent executed an expansion plan for select states including Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Columbia.

In May 2019, Cansortium rebranded the Knox Medical marijuana dispensary to Fluent Cannabis Care (Fluent). Fluent has twenty-one (21) medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, providing quality-controlled medical cannabis cultivated in a 30,000 square foot greenhouse located in Winter Garden, Florida.

In a press release from May 2019, Fluent shared the proud tradition and ongoing mission of the fast-growing medical cannabis dispensary, who wants to provide a supportive and compassionate experience for chronic health patients:

"As we launch Fluent, we remain true to the values that have guided us from our beginning: A commitment to producing high-quality medical cannabis with the highest consistency of formulation to earn the trust of our customers, and a passion for compassionate, genuine care that addresses customers' unique circumstances and elevates their voice and story. We are Fluent Cannabis Care and we look forward to helping cannabis customers around the world become fluent in cannabis."
— Jose Hidalgo, CEO, Fluent

Knox Medical (now Fluent) was the first dispensary to be issued a license in the state of Texas and is based in the city of Schulenburg. Registered patients in Texas are able to order online for pick-up or home delivery of medical cannabis products.

The Fluent Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Everyone likes to earn free gifts. If you have a Florida medical marijuana card, creating a relationship with one dispensary can provide a lot of rewards. These may include product discounts, or free swag (bags, shirts, water bottles, and more).

After a customer has enrolled in the Fluent Reward Program, they begin to earn 1 point for every $1.00 they spend on medical cannabis products, accessories, and merchandise. Fluent customers can also apply their loyalty reward points toward no-fee delivery service.

Each Fluent customer that enrolls is provided a ‘rewards wallet’ within the smartphone app, to be able to track purchases and points accumulation for rewards. One of the other convenient things about summarizing purchases for review on the app is that patients can easily keep track of the types of cannabis products they have tried. This makes reordering faster, and also helps patients explore different strains and product categories (smokable, vape, tinctures, etc.) to learn what works best for their symptom management needs.

For first-time certified medical marijuana patients, there are a number of reasons to visit a Fluent dispensary. Some of the special promotions offered to new customers visiting the dispensary include:

  • 50% off the first order (up to $200) for new customers with an additional 10% credit for Fluent merchandise and apparel
  • Sampler deals available during the first visit to the dispensary and consultation

Part of the service mission at Fluent dispensaries in Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, is to provide high-quality medical cannabis, expert suggestions, and advice from experienced dispensary staff while keeping the cost of medical marijuana affordable for patients. In addition to providing daily specials and discounts, Fluent also provides:

  • 10% off all products for the 30-days (Birthday month)
  • 40% discount for pediatric products
  • 20% off for military veterans and their spouses
  • 20% industry discount for employees of other MMTCs

First-Time Patients

Medical Cannabis Products Available from Fluent in Florida

In Florida, Fluent provides a variety of low-THC products (suitable for pediatric use), combination CBD + THC products, and full-strength medical cannabis, to the THC limit of 30% as regulated by the state of Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU).
Florida medical marijuana cardholders and registered patients can find the following product categories at every Fluent dispensary location:

  • Smokable Flower
  • Cannabis oil cartridges (vape)
  • Pre-rolls (15%- 24% THC content - 3 second draws)
  • Capsules
  • Concentrate Syringes (for metered dosing)
  • Rosin
  • Topical cream for pain relief

For patients with chronic pain symptoms, achieving quality sleep is a health necessity that is often out of reach, as they are awakened throughout the night by muscle, joint, and soft tissue inflammation. Fluent provides a product called Polaris Black Drops, an Indica tincture that contains about 4% THC and 1% CBD in each drop or dose, with a 1:45 ratio of CBD to THC.