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Fiorello Pharmaceuticals - Saratoga Springs, NY Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Fiorello Pharmaceuticals - Saratoga Springs, NY

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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More About This Dispensary

Products at Fiorello Pharmaceuticals

Since Fiorello Pharmaceuticals is still developing its menu, they don’t have an official public product list yet. Every dispensary in New York must offer at least one CBD-dominant medication and a medication with equal amounts of CBD and THC. So, they’ll at least offer those types of medications.

New York also limits the types of products that a dispensary sells and prohibits smoking and edibles. Dispensaries like Fiorello tend to offer tinctures, capsules, vaping products and other concentrates.

The researchers at Fiorello Pharmaceuticals plan to make medicine that keeps up with the latest standards in the industry and adheres to the strictest safety regulations. They focus heavily on working with innovative ideas and technologies.

For New Patients

Many New York dispensaries either require new patients to make an appointment or strongly recommend it. Call Fiorello Pharmaceuticals in advance to determine what you need to do before your visit. Every dispensary in New York must see your medical marijuana card, written recommendation and state-issued photo ID during your first stop.

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals Locations

Since Fiorello Pharmaceuticals is still establishing dispensary locations throughout the state, they haven’t officially released the address for their Saratoga location. They currently have a headquarters in New York City at 12 East 49th Street. To contact them, use the form on the contact page of their website.

First-Time Patients

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals was accepted in a new wave of dispensing organizations approved by New York in August 2017. Their board members chose the name Fiorello for two reasons: to honor NYC mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, and because it means “little flower” in Italian.

The Saratoga location will open as one of four dispensaries under Fiorello Pharmaceuticals. It will serve medical marijuana patients in Saratoga County and the surrounding area. Follow their updates to determine when they open.

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