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Evergreen Market - Renton Airport - Renton, WA Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Evergreen Market - Renton Airport - Renton, WA

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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Monday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Tuesday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Wednesday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Thursday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Friday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Saturday: 08:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 PM
Sunday: 09:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 PM

More About This Dispensary

Evergreen’s Core Values

Evergreen Market is founded on three core values:

  1. Education
  2. Celebration
  3. Elevation

They create a unique customer experience by educating you on their product line, celebrating this incredible and natural plant and elevating you to a brand-new plane of high-quality cannabis.

Showcasing Incredible Products

Washington produces some of the best marijuana in the world. Evergreen Market makes it their goal to celebrate these plants and showcase them. They provide a variety of top-shelf strains for their clients to choose from. Dedicated educators are on the floor helping you find the right product for your needs.

They sell a whole range of:

  • Dried cannabis buds
  • Pre-rolls
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Topicals

Evergreen Express Window

Evergreen Market has an even faster way to get the products you want in your hands. Their express window is open for all online orders. Just pull their extensive menu up online and make your selections. They’ll be waiting for you at the window so that you can pay and go.

The Renton Location of Evergreen Market

The Evergreen Market – Renton Airport is right across the street from the Renton Airport and just a 10-minute drive from SeaTac Airport. Their address is 409 Rainier Ave., North.

First-Time Patients

Evergreen Market in Renton is the area’s finest purveyor of cannabis. They’ve won multiple people’s choice awards because of their commitment to quality products and impeccable customer service. This modern and comfortable shop makes shopping for cannabis a fun experience.

Evergreen was founded by three dads with diverse work backgrounds. What they did share was a commitment to creating a whole new marijuana experience for their customers. This store is much more than a run-of-the-mill pot shop or dispensary — it’s a tailor-made adventure for every person who walks through the door. 

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