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Dubois Wellness Center LLC - Dubois, PA Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Dubois Wellness Center LLC - Dubois, PA

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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More About This Dispensary

Menu Options at Dubois Wellness Center

As an upcoming dispensary geared toward catering to the local patients of Dubois, Dubois Wellness Center’s primary goal is to maximize the health of every patient who visits the facility. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or a life-threatening illness, the team members at the facility are dedicated to providing you with the best patient care on-site by assisting you with the development of your treatment plan.

After you consult with a physician and discuss the ideal cannabis products for your needs, you may also find it beneficial to go over your options with an on-site budtender or staff member, too.  

Team members are always available on-site to provide patient care to customers while advising them on the best cannabis strains for their health. Patients can choose from the following options:

  • Capsules
  • Oils
  • Vaporizers
  • Pills
  • And more

Want to learn more about a particular product or marijuana strain? Feel free to reach out to a staff member for more information.

Why Choose Dubois Wellness Center?

Nothing is more important to you than your health — and the founders and staff at Dubois Wellness Center think so, too. You want to put your care in good hands and feel secure about the products you’re using to enhance your overall health.

When you visit this facility, you’ll never have to worry about receiving the care and medications required to alleviate your unwanted or problematic symptoms. You deserve top-quality medical assistance — and now’s the time to enjoy it.

First-Time Patients

Dubois Wellness Center is proud to serve patients in the state of PA and is currently in the process of expanding its available facility locations. If you live in Dubois, PA, you'll soon have access to one of these facilities within your city, too.

While the dispensary may not yet be open, you can count on Dubois Wellness Center to fulfill all your medical marijuana needs once the staff is ready to kick-start the facility’s operations. 

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