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Cannabend - Bend, OR Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Cannabend - Bend, OR

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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Monday: 08:00:00 AM - 8:00:00 PM
Tuesday: 08:00:00 AM - 8:00:00 PM
Wednesday: 08:00:00 AM - 8:00:00 PM
Thursday: 08:00:00 AM - 8:00:00 PM
Friday: 08:00:00 AM - 9:30:00 PM
Saturday: 08:00:00 AM - 8:00:00 PM
Sunday: 09:00:00 AM - 6:00:00 PM

More About This Dispensary

Perks for Medical Patients

While Cannabend serves both recreational and medical customers, patients with OMMP cards receive extra benefits. New patients can take advantage of Cannabend’s rewards program to save money on future visits. Registered OMMP cardholders also don’t have to pay the 20% tax that recreational shoppers do.

However, if you don’t have a medical card, you can still purchase recreational items and use them medically. You just won’t have access to stronger medicine or patient bonuses.

Pre-Orders and Delivery

Patients who live in Bend can use Cannabend’s website to schedule an order for pickup or request a delivery. For the best results, make your order a few hours ahead of time to give the staff time to prepare your medicine. You can only use cash to pay for delivery or pickup purchases.

What’s on the Menu?

Cannabend curates a wide selection of flower and medicinal products that come from local Oregon growers and producers. Some of the strains they sell include:

  • Chemdawg
  • Cactus
  • Mendo Breath
  • Wedding Cake
  • Blueberry Sour Diesel

In addition to bud, Cannabend stocks items like:

  • Tinctures
  • Rick Simpson oil
  • Creams and lotions
  • Soaking salts
  • Pet medicine
  • Crumble, wax and shatter
  • Infused edibles

Where to Find Cannabend

Check out Cannabend at 3312 N. Highway 97, just west of the Bend Parkway. The shop sits near the Bend River Plaza.

First-Time Patients

In 2014, three long-time friends decided to take the plunge and start their own dispensary. By following their dreams of providing high-quality cannabis, they expanded and became the business you see today. Now, they aim to create an experience where recreational and medical customers alike can feel comfortable.

In Oregon, you must be over 21 or have a medical marijuana card to buy anything from a dispensary. If you have a 21+ ID or an OMMP card, you can shop at Cannabend.

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