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More About This Dispensary

Dispensary Information

Amplified Alternative Relief typically carries more than 20 different marijuana strains at prices that are affordable enough to fit nearly any budget. These are a few of the ones Amplified Alternative Relief carries on a regular basis:

  • Boss Hogg — This strain emits an earthy aroma somewhat similar to hashish as well as diesel fuel. It provides balanced effects for both the mind and body, easing the user into a relaxed state while the mind remains relaxed and euphoric. While it’s stimulating to the mind, it can have sedative effects for the body.
  • Sunshine Daydream — Sunshine Daydream is a cross between Bubbashine and Appalachia. It has a unique combination of fruit flavors and a diesel-like aroma, and it’s very potent. It is rich in THC, so it's an excellent choice for people suffering from conditions such as nausea, inflammation and pain. But you should plan on staying home for a long time once you use it.
  • Bubble Gum — The Bubble Gum strain has a somewhat unique history. While it was originally developed in the United States, it took several generations before the strain was stable enough for cultivation. A grower in Holland ultimately produced the form of Bubble Gum that’s currently in use. It provides the sweet smell of its candy counterpart as well as an intense feeling of euphoria.

Patients must have a valid state identification and valid Michigan medical marijuana card to enter. Amplified Alternative Relief offers an inviting, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff members who are not only extremely knowledgeable about cannabis, but also very friendly.

First-Time Patients

Patients visiting the Amplified Alternative Relief dispensary receive a pre-rolled cannabis product on-the-house, regardless of the amount of their purchase. If you leave a review on any of the dispensary's social media pages, you will receive a gram of a top-shelf strain.