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Aug 06, 2012 -

Elysium Medical Center:

The Elysium Medical Center is a medical marijuana and alternative healing facility located in Yelm, Washington. We provide residents of Washington with the necessary certifications and qualifications to obtain medical marijuana, while always remaining within strict compliance with all Washington state marijuana laws. Along with the evaluation, recommendation and certification processes, our medical center offers only the most factual information about choosing medical marijuana and other forms of alternative medicine and healing. The Elysium Medical Center offers traditional medicine, alternative medicine, health care services, and a comprehensive emphasis and understanding of personal health and well being. We boast a staff of some of the most diversified and qualified individuals in the state of Washington, all of which cover most all fields of medicine that there is to cover. Services that our staff is qualified to supply are anywhere in the range from holistic medicine, family medicine, chiropractic, emotional intelligence counseling, therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy, and all forms of skin corrections, camouflage, peels and products. We are renaissance-physicians who enjoy supplying an extensive list of helpful alternatives for patients who are suffering and unhappy with their health. Note that our medical facility also will assist inquiring patients, both new and returning, in any necessary way to help them obtain a Washington medical marijuana card.
The city of Yelm is located in the state of Washington's southeast Thurston County. Yelm comes from very humble beginnings and was originally inhabited by the local Nisqually Indians. The city boasts a population of over 7,000 residents within the city limits and serves as the major commercial center for thousands more that live in the surrounding rural areas. When in Yelm, it's hard not to notice how vibrant and beautiful the area is, hence why it is referred to as the Pride of the Prairie! Today, the city of Yelm is mostly considered a "bedroom community" for many families who are employed in the areas of Olympia, Tacoma or Centralia, which is responsible for attracting a large number of military personnel within close proximity to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord military facility.
The Elysium Medical Center is one of the most unique medical facilities one will have the pleasure of walking into. By providing one of the most integrated and individualized medical care facilities in Washington, we hope that it enables patients to create their own guidance towards understanding optimal health care. We branch out our unique sense of health services not only to the city of Yelm, but also to the surrounding cities of Lacey, Elk Plain, Spanaway, Turnwater, Olympia, Lakewood and Parkland. Always remember, affordable natural and alternative medicine is our specialty, that's why at the Elysium Medical Center, your first wealth - is health.

Note: Please be aware that if you do become accepted and fully registered within your respected state to become a medical marijuana patient, note that the doctor will not be able to assist you in locating the actual recommended medicine. For a list of local providers, please visit