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Aug 06, 2012 -

South Sound Alternative Medicine:

South Sound Alternative Medicine is a dedicated group of licensed and Washington board certified alternative medicine physicians, activists and practitioners whose main goal is to serve inquiring and current medical marijuana patients in the state of Washington. We take a more in-depth look at each patient that is brought our way, and network them into our system as if it was a spider web, always sticking close together and assisting you every step of the way. We work with patients on adapting to a holistic approach to medicine that can meet all necessary needs and desires. We boast a staff of friendly and personable individuals, ones who address each and every need with a smile. Our physicians have years of experience and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to alternative medicine practices, especially naturopathic medicine. Each member of our staff represents our professional work standards and works around the clock to ensure your privacy is kept within strict confidentiality and none of your information is sold or transferred to third parties. Our office also assists all patients within the process of obtaining your Washington medical marijuana card.
Tacoma, Washington is the state's third-largest city and has approximately around 200,000 residents. Located at the foot of Mount Rainier and along the shores of Commencement Bay in Washington state, Tacoma is recognized as a livable and progressive international city.  To some, the city has been referred to as the City of Destiny. The city is both rich in historical value and economic value, as it has grown from its historical roots as home to a saw mill and bustling port of commerce. Come explore Tacoma and experience a center for international exports, fine arts, fine foods and the most healthy and affordable living.
South Sound Alternative Medicine is one of the most unique and efficient medical marijuana certification, recommendation and evaluation centers in the state of Washington. From having the most unique patient services to boasting a knowledgeable, friendly and caring staff of compassionate individuals, you will find everything you need here. We do not believe in keeping our services sheltered to just the Gig Harbor area, as we extend our extensive and spectacular services to the surrounding towns and cities of University Place, Parkland, Lakewood, SeaTac, Des Moines, Edgewood, Spanaway and Auburn. If you're looking for the most compassionate services, look no further.


My-Eval is a medical marijuana evaluation and certification service that services the great residents of the state of Washington. My-Eval was formed in order to bridge the gap between physicians who believe in the healing and medicinal properties of marijuana as an alternative medicine, and the qualifying patients who seek it's non-pharmaceutical relief. Our licensed physicians recognize marijuana as a natural way to relieve digestive complaints, nausea, joint pain and most other symptoms associated with a chronic or debilitating condition. We boast a staff of some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who are immensely dedicated to educating patients and providing the necessary information to help aid you in seeking the relief you deserve. Our physicians will take the time to ensure you have a complete understanding, including the risks and benefits, of how and why medical marijuana can be used to treat your condition. From there a proper and personalized pain management plan can be constructed, and patients will be one step closer to achieving a better sense of well-being. My-Eval is a health care center that is truly built upon a strong foundation of compassion and with us, patients always come first and foremost. Our office may also assist approved patients with any necessary documentation that needs appropriating and submitting in order to obtain a Washington medical marijuana card.

The beautiful city of Tacoma is Washington state's third-largest city that pays homage to around 200,000 residents. Nestled at the foot of Mount Rainier and stationed along the shores of Commencement Bay, Tacoma is widely recognized as one of the most livable and progressive international cities. Today, Tacoma is a thriving city that has revitalized it's downtown region which caters to many residents and visitors alike with it's vast opportunities to enjoy fine dining, a movie at one of our many cinemas, award-winning performing arts and world-renowned architecture. The city is a travel destination that solidifies itself as a cost-effective vacation every time you venture there. Visitors can participate in one of the many exciting activities that Tacoma has to offer for little to no cost, all-year round. Experience Tacoma today, and bask in the scenic beauty of a town located right at the foothills of the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United states.

We want patients in the state of Washington to know that we are here to help you determine if medical marijuana could be beneficial to you and whether or not it can provide you with a better lifestyle that is free of pain. With approval from one of our physicians, we will provide you with the documentation to use medical marijuana legally and responsibly. Providing patients with support and the most outstanding services is what we pride ourselves in, so come down to our location today and see if you qualify to become a Washington medical marijuana patient. Please note we extend our comprehensive services to the surrounding towns and cities of University Place, Lakewood, Parkland, Edgewood, Federal Way, Puyallup and Sumner. 

Note: Please be aware that if you do become accepted and fully registered within your respected state to become a medical marijuana patient, note that the doctor will not be able to assist you in locating the actual recommended medicine. For a list of local providers, please visit