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Sep 09, 2013 -

Canna Care Docs of Chicago:

Canna Care Docs of Chicago is a medical marijuana alternative healthcare facility that is located in the lovely city of Chicago, Illinois. This particular Canna Care location provides both extensive and individualized services to inquiring and current patients who are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions. These conditions must be approved by the state of Illinois proposed marijuana regulations and our licensed medical practitioner. If there has ever been a moment where you have been either completely dissatisfied with your physician or have had trouble scheduling an appointment at a time that works best for you, then look no further than this clinic. Canna Care Docs of Chicago is comprised of all the necessary essential qualities to provide exceptional healthcare to the many citizens of the Prairie State. This location specializes in administering medical marijuana evaluations, medical marijuana certifications and written medical marijuana recommendations from our board-certified and legitimately licensed physician. By taking an individualized approach to alternative medicine, Canna Care Docs certainly separates itself from the rest of its competitor clinics.

Situated in an area that covers 600,000,000 square meters and sit nearly 578 feet above sea level, the amazing city of Chicago, Illinois can easily be considered one of the more notable metropolitan hubs in the United States. Residing alongside the 5th largest body of fresh water in the world known as Lake Michigan, the city is well-traversed by both the Chicago and Calumet rivers, respectively. Aside from being recognized by way of national acclaim as a multicultural city, Chicago absolutely thrives off of diversity and harmony. In present-day Chicago, the overall vibrancy and aura of the city embodies the treasured values of America's heartland-integrity and comfort. Boasting the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Cubs, the world-famous Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Bears, it is no lie when we say that Chicago is the ultimate sports city.  

Aside from providing inquiring and current medical marijuana patients within the Chicago-metro area with some of the finest services in healthcare, we extend our patient support services to the surrounding towns and cities of Cicero, Oak Park, Berwyn, Forest Park, Lyons, River Forest, Summit and Maywood. Please note that our in-house staff is here to assist all patients within the processes of filling out, filing and submitting the correct documentation to bring them one step closer to receiving an official Illinois medical marijuana card. With us, patients always come first and we believe that a little bit of compassion can go an extremely long way. We ensure all of our patients that we are always within compliance of all state medical marijuana bylaws and ordinances.

Note: Please be aware that if you do become accepted and fully registered within your respected state to become a medical marijuana patient, note that the doctor will not be able to assist you in locating the actual recommended medicine. For a list of local providers, please visit