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Methods of Medicating with Marijuana | Medical Marijuana Edibles

Methods of Medicating with Marijuana: Edibles

Medical Marijuana Edibles

One common method of using or taking medical marijuana is ingestion. Eating cannabis raw will not deliver the full therapeutic benefits; The active components must first be extracted into fats, oils or alcohol before ingesting. Medical marijuana is commonly extracted into cannabutter or cannabis infused oil, which is then used to make edible medical marijuana products such as pot cookies and pot brownies as well as savory dishes. Check out our blog, where we regularly post recipes for medical marijuana edibles.


If you choose to medicate with edible cannabis, here are a few things to remember:

  • Oral cannabis feels much different than smoked cannabis.  This is because when cannabis is eaten, some of the THC is destroyed by the liver metabolism and a potent THC metabolite is formed.
  • Beware of overmedicating.  When used in edible form, the actual dosage of medical marijuana can vary widely. Choose a cannabis medicine with a known content of THC and be sure to wait for the effects to manifest before taking another dose.
  • Effects take longer and last longer. Use a small dose of cannabis when ingesting, as it takes considerably longer to experience the effects than when smoking.  It can take as long as two hours to feel the effects when ingesting medical marijuana, and the effects can last much longer than smoked cannabis.


Find a Marijuana Doctor

Before you make, purchase or use marijuana edibles as a delivery method for medical marijuana, you must first ensure you are in compliance with your state’s medical marijuana laws, obtain a recommendation from a qualified physician, and obtain a marijuana card, where applicable. If you are looking for a qualified medical marijuana doctor, can help. Our database is home to hundreds of physicians in every medical marijuana state. Book an appointment today.


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