Evaluating a Patient for Medical Marijuana

What Does it Take To Become a Medical Marijuana Patient In My State?

To become a legitimately qualified medical marijuana patient in your respective state, you must follow the required steps and procedures. The first step in the process is a medical marijuana evaluation. 

Qualifying & Pre-Qualifying For A MMJ Evaluation:

First, patients must qualify in their respective state based on a guideline and list of approved chronic and debilitating conditions and diseases. These vary from state to state; examples of these diseases included HIV/AIDS, cancer, hypertension, and chronic pain, among others. When a patient has been approved or pre-qualified, they must then make an appointment with a licensed and board-certified physician within their area to proceed with a medical marijuana evaluation. 

Describing The Medical Marijuana Evaluation Process:

Patients book an appointment with a licensed and board-certified physician to perform a, the medical marijuana evaluation process. In some cases, in order for patients to be seen by a doctor for a medical marijuana evaluation, they must present medical documents issued by the medical marijuana evaluation center that are signed and ready for approval. Documentation mainly addresses patient information, as well as any questions or concerns that have been issues in the past. At your scheduled medical marijuana evaluation, your licensed physician will conduct and efficiently complete a full assessment of your diagnosed medical condition, along with any pertinent exams required to determine the outcome of the medical marijuana evaluation. Usually, as a result of this assessment, patients will then receive a detailed and properly outlined treatment plan, along with a signed certification form from the physician who conducted the medical marijuana evaluation. 

Medical Marijuana Access After Evaluation:

Licensed physicians in good standing, having conducted a qualifying medical marijuana evaluation, certify patients with a medical marijuana recommendation. Only medical marijuana recommendations comply with state law, consistent with the qualifying medical marijuana evaluation. Please note that by law, physicians are not able to prescribe marijuana to their patients as if it were a drug available at pharmacy. Any patient who claims they have received a prescription for medical marijuana from a licensed physician is mistaken; a medical marijuana prescription is illegal.