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Malignant Brain Tumors

Medical Marijuana and Malignant Brain Tumors

In the meantime, everything is done to help the patient remain comfortable and try to resume a reasonably normal life day to day. Imitrex and other migraine drugs are given to help with the headaches, at least until chemo and radiation begin, if those are options available to the patient. A loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting can start even before treatment with chemo and radiation because some people don’t respond well to prescription migraine drugs. What’s more the prescription migraine drugs often act as a sedative and knock out the person who consumes them, leaving them unable to do anything else but sleep through a bad headache. After removal of the tumor, there’s more pain and then the vomiting and nausea as well, depending on how much chemotherapy a patient is to receive. So much is lost in the process to help, that it’s no wonder the patient doesn’t feel better when they finally should.

So instead of all the usual drugs given for pain and depression, (because it’s normal to feel depressed with this diagnosis), why not prescribe something better? Why not give something that will also increase appetite and thirst and kill off the nausea and any feelings of the need to vomit? What wonder drug can do all this? Medical marijuana can.

Malignant Brain Tumor and Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana has been proven for pain relief time and again. What’s more the side effects it has, “getting the munchies” and feeling really thirsty combats the side effects for the treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. There are lots of recipes too, to incorporate medical marijuana like an herb into some of your favorite dishes such that you’re consuming the medicine without having to traditionally inhale it. People use it in gravies, cupcakes, stuffing, etc. And for patients who are experiencing all these symptoms associated with malignant brain tumors and the removal and treatment thereof, what an uplifting and delicious way to help them feel better!

Recipes and anything else you ever wanted to know can be found on the web. Searching for information for the legality of medical marijuana in your own state? You can start by checking recent news articles on the subject and also what is on the current legislative table in regards to medical marijuana. can provide you with a referral to the nearest doctor who believes in the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of many illnesses, and you can check out the blogs posted by medical marijuana research companies nationally for news. If you have a loved one who is critically ill with a malignant brain tumor, for their comfort, we encourage you to seek out a prescribing doctor for medical marijuana. It could make all the difference in the level of peace they have in the end.

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