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Medical Marijuana Jobs

Medical Marijuana Jobs

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/21/2016 in Medical Marijuana Trends

Development within the legal marijuana industry is snowballing with recent, successful efforts in passing recreational and medical legislation in more states across the U.S.. While federal, comprehensive marijuana legalization still faces significant barriers from anti-reformers, the industry continues to flourish despite lingering stigma. As American attitudes toward cannabis continue to ease, the medical marijuana industry is poised to finally receive the funding, reform and exposure it deserves.

Schedule I Reform

One of the most discouraging hurdles still entrenching widespread acceptance of medical marijuana efficacy is the drug’s classification as a Schedule I substance. By categorizing the substance this way, it is effectively stripped of any and all positive medical implications and therefore said to have a “high potential for abuse.”

Marijuana scheduling has a long, complex history based on racist, anti-immigrant sentiment in nineteenth and twentieth century America, as a result of fears toward the Mexican drug trade. The word “marijuana” itself is derived from a phrase meaning “Devil’s Weed.” Fast forward to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 where marijuana is noted as being more dangerous than cocaine and oxycodone, creating greater division between medical professionals and the United States government.

In fact, the medical marijuana research community is continually strong-armed by NIDA, whose fixation on preventing drug abuse frustratingly roadblocks scientists from being able to push forward with legitimate medical research.

Medical Marijuana Jobs

Despite setbacks, the future holds many opportunities for medical marijuana industry growth. As more success stories involving marijuana treatment circulate online, growing factions of medical marijuana activists are demanding better and faster reform.

For individuals looking to get more involved in the industry, activism in the form of medical marijuana jobs is a great way to support the movement as a whole and contribute to a stronger network of advocates by working one of the many cannabis jobs currently on the market.

Working in the medical marijuana industry doesn’t mean you have to be a doctor–if you’re looking to get involved but don’t have advanced degrees, there are still valuable roles that need to be filled to keep the movement going. Below represent some of the hottest jobs in the medical marijuana industry–what they involve and why they are important.


Medical marijuana caregivers are integral players in providing patients with the medication and attention they need to acquire medical marijuana. Especially in the case of elderly or differently abled individuals, caregivers are essential in growing, transporting and providing medical marijuana to patients who may not otherwise be able to access products themselves.

Especially since marijuana delivery services are still largely illegal in some states, caregivers offer a service most other jobs cannot.


Medical marijuana dispensaries are still the predominant way many people obtain their medical cannabis products. Budtender jobs are often viewed as entry-level positions, but are a great way to start a career in the medical marijuana industry.

Don’t be fooled into thinking dispensary jobs aren’t important: budtenders must have a diverse knowledge of strains, different consumption methods, concentrates, edibles and more. Budtenders take each individual patient’s story into account before recommending specific products and dosages to suit their needs.

Budtenders act as an important liaison between employees and customers, creating opportunities for patients to become educated on marijuana and demystified on subjects not covered in mainstream media.


Believe it or not, marketing is paramount in rebranding and destigmatizing the medical marijuana industry. For years, medical marijuana has suffered from a lack of professional advertising and education, causing even more difficulty in bringing credibility to the industry.

Professional, niche marketing firms are experiencing a boom in appeal as doctors and businesses seek a stronger online presence.

Cannabis Extraction Technician

One of the most fascinating positions one can obtain in the industry is being a cannabis extraction technician. This job comes with a lot of responsibility, advanced degrees and certifications, a high paycheck and a major imprint on the development of the medical marijuana industry.

Technicians use processes such as CO2 and Butane to extract cannabinoids from plant matter in order to form concentrates such as wax and shatter. Concentrates are especially important for the medical community as they come with higher concentrations of THC and CBD, allowing for patients to experience longer, more sustained effects.

Marijuana Edibles Chef

Like extraction technicians, marijuana edibles chefs maintain high ranking positions. Edibles are widely used by medical patients who prefer not to smoke, or would like to streamline the process of taking their medication. Eating one serving of an edible allows for a patient to feel the effects of the medical marijuana for a longer period of time, without inhaling smoke or having to go through a large portion of flower.

Creating edibles in the legal marijuana industry is a highly regulated job and requires a trained chef, especially since taste and efficacy are important in creating a successful product. In states where recreational and/or medical marijuana use is legal, edibles chefs must do their best to meet regulatory guidelines for maximum concentration of THC without being able to taste test their products.

The Future of Medical Marijuana Jobs

While the medical marijuana industry continues to ride the twists and turns of an uncertain future, it is important to continue supporting the industry by self-educating. While mainstream media may seek to perpetuate outdated and unfounded information, it is the responsibility of the medical marijuana advocate to research and question the current laws in place to make a powerful impact on the future.

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