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The Will of the People have Smoken!

The Will of the People have Smoken!

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/11/2014 in Medical Marijuana Laws

As two more states and the District of Columbia joins the “Legal weed train” we can only assume that America wants cannabis! Even in Florida the measure for medical cannabis failed by a very small margin. So what does this mean for the War on Weed and hopefully, the war on drugs as a whole?

America the land of the Green

Yes, all the data support the notion that Cannabis Prohibition is about to “leave the building” and never come back! The decades long cannabis prohibition rhetoric is now a very unpopular notion. The only real supporters of prohibition these days are the very people who profit from it. This is making America very angry!

America has had enough of the inflated Federal government spending “their money” on incarcerating America. They have had enough of patients having to go to the “black market” to get their much needed medicine. They are sick and tired of Politicians lying to them about “change” and other hype words only to find that the change didn’t benefit them at all.

Congress has an 11% approval rate, yet sadly 96% of them got re-elected this Midterm election. More people turned up to vote in favor of cannabis than who will represent them in government. While the conservatives “hold the power” for now, they would be smart to leave the cannabis legalization movement alone because over the past few years, any politician with a “hard on drug stance” have been discarded like a soiled piece of toilet paper.

Why does America NOT trust their government?

Should I even be asking this? From the countless lies spewed from the wretched mouths of the corporate prostitutes we know as “politicians” to the outright betrayal of America’s safety by the Department of Justice (Fast & Furious), what is there left to trust?

On the right we have Bible touting conservatives who promote “their values” while calling everyone else a heathen bastard. On the left we have liberals who bow down to pressure, and also cater to the massive corporations who “pay their bonuses”.

What America is realizing, and this could be the weed talking, is that Left or Right is all part of the same Corporate Monster. America is realizing that no matter who you vote for, it’s all theater.

This week we have the right in power, the next the left but the results are all the same. Big corps are being bailed out, war agendas pushed and what about the little man?

The little man is stuck with the bill and the cleanup of the messes made by these “too big to fail” entities stealing the money from the pocket of every “average Joe and Jane” out there.

Bottom line

I personally believe this is one of the reasons as to why the government has been stonewalling cannabis for so long. Cannabis once made me question my government…and now we know why it’s illegal.

But the will of the people is stronger than those grey headed dinosaurs in power. We’re 4 down and 48 to go!

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