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When will we have gone “too far” with Marijuana Prohibition?

When will we have gone “too far” with Marijuana Prohibition?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/20/2013 in Medical Marijuana

The defendants of Prohibition claim that we are doing a “good job” by continuing with our current approach on drug enforcement. They believe locking people up, stopping medical patients getting access to their medicine and horrific executions on the Southern Border is all worth it. But when will we reach that point when we have gone too far with drug prohibition?

When all the ill have died off?

Will we have gone “too far” if enough people have been denied their medicine and died a slow and painful death? And how much is “enough people”; a thousand, ten thousand a million? Every moment we sustain prohibition someone is dying from cancer, someone is having a seizure and someone is dying from diabetes which all can be cured by using cannabis. What is the magic number of dead patients we need so that we scare humanity back into our hearts?

When enough people have been jailed?

We are arresting people at an alarming rate. What would be the moment that we say; “hey, I think we’ve gone overboard?” How many people do we need behind bars because currently we own 25% of the world Prison population? Do we need that number to rise to 50% or 75% before we realize we have gone too far?

When enough Corruption has corroded society?

Did you know that more and more of your politicians are being “purchased” by giant corporations and drug dealers? Government favors can be bought and most honest border patrol agents will tell you that there are “suits” that pay for shipments to go through. Some shipments are meant to be seized but most will reach its destination with some “political favor”. Would we have gone far enough when we resemble the same level of corruption as Mexico because we’re not too far off?

When enough dead bodies stink up the South Lands?

Mexico’s drug war is a little bit more brutal and nowadays we can safely say we are reaching the 100,000 body count including “missing people”. The US consumption of drugs fuels the cartels and with a great weapon supplier like the Department of Justice they are able to conduct non-stop war. When will we begin to accept that the drug war is a failure? When we have a half a million heads on stakes or when they start chopping off the heads of US citizens? Trust me when I say that once you have a cartel problem, getting rid of it is no easy feat. Cut off the head of one cartel and two replace it. The “Illegality of drugs” is such a lucrative business that people are willing to die for the profits.

In the end we must ask ourselves whether we haven’t already gone “too far”. Prohibitionists would first torch this earth before they see the errors of their ways. In my personal opinion I think we’ve gone “too far” since 1937 when cannabis was first made illegal. What’s your take on it?

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