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Why Idiots shouldn’t make their own Marijuana Wax

Why Idiots shouldn’t make their own Marijuana Wax

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/28/2015 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

Hash Oil has gained popularity over the years. However, it’s nothing new and can be traced back to the 60s or even earlier, these days it’s what’s on the mind of many cannabis consumers. They buy their rigs and nails and get their hands on wax. Some dispensaries sell it, other experienced growers produce it but this article is not designed to speak to those people.

The dangers of making hash oil

To make wax you need to use a solvent, which in many cases is butane fuel, which is pumped through a tube packed with marijuana. Obviously butane is highly volatile and in there lies the danger. Inexperienced hash oil producers don’t understand the volatility of the fuel and in turn end up blowing up their surroundings, in some cases landing them in the hospital with burn marks all over their bodies and severe property damage to their “cooking facility”.

In Colorado, there has been an increase of hash oil explosions over the past year, fortunately, no one had died, but the fact remains that occurrences of hash oil related explosions had risen from the previous year.

Why Idiots should make their own Marijuana Wax

Some people know that making hash oil can be dangerous, and take the proper steps to ensure that the process is safe. They create the proper ventilation, work meticulously to make sure that their operation won’t blow up in their face.

And then we have idiots.

These are people who want to produce their own oil at home, or in a kitchen and have no real understanding of the potential dangers of making wax. Poor ventilation, open flames and a room full of butane fuel vapors often result into a monster explosion, which have a detrimental effect to the legalization movement as a whole.

Hindering progress

The US is moving to a legal marijuana system, state by state we’re inching closer. The problem comes when prohibitionists get whiff of another explosion cause by an idiot and then turns it into scare tactics and fear mongering to ensure that cannabis never reaches full legality. It makes people think, “Pot is dangerous” when in reality, the idiot who caused the explosion is nothing more than an idiot.

If you don’t know how to make hash oil, I’d suggest you go to someone who knows how to make it and learn from them. Don’t pull of recipes from the Internet because in some cases…it was written by an idiot.

Cannabis legalization is still in its infancy stage, meaning we have to tread carefully to not taint the good name of Mary Jane. If you want wax, purchase it from a dispensary or go to an expert, someone with a proven record of accomplishment and ‘learn’ how to do it safely.  Not only will you be saving your own skin, you won’t be an anchor to the cannabis movement and we won’t have to worry about prohibitionists using your idiocy against progress.

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