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Why Gary Johnson is the Best Presidential Candidate for Cannabis

Why Gary Johnson is the Best Presidential Candidate for Cannabis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/05/2016 in Marijuana Politics

As we draw ever-closer to the November Presidential Elections, it is becoming apparently obvious that there will likely be four key players contending for the position of Commander-in-Chief. While most of the media attention is focused on the theater of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they are ignoring some of the other candidates that will also be on the Noember ballot.

One of the more significant third party players is Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party. Not only has Johnson been an avid supporter of cannabis since the late 1980’s, he is one of the only candidates to say, that he intends to repeal cannabis prohibition, all together. In fact, if president, he intends to change the entire way, the United States deals with drug use.

Breaking Binary Programming

The United States have been conditioned to believing that there are only two options when it comes to voting for the President, Democrat or Republican. This bipartisan approach has kept on shifting the Presidential seat from the left to the right for many decades now.

Many people don’t vote for third-party candidates because they believe “they won’t win”, however, when it comes to Johnson…this might change.

The people of the US has shown their disapproval of the binary system by elevating Donald Trump as the republican nominee. Donald, whether you love him or hate him, is a political “outsider” in the eyes of his voters meaning they are sick and tired of the way things are being run in this country. Bernie Sanders also made a lot of noise within the democratic party and in many cases beat Hillary despite the fact that her super delegates trumped the will of the people.

Typically, a third party candidate receives next to no votes when it’s time to pick a new president, however a recent Data Targeting poll featured on Politico showed that 55% of voters want an independent option.

“Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is likely to be elected president in November, but voters are yearning for another option.

Both candidates, however, have high unfavorability ratings — 56 percent for Clinton and 55 percent for Trump, and nearly six in 10 voters surveyed are dissatisfied with the option of choosing between just Clinton and Trump in November.

Fifty-five percent favor having an independent candidate challenge the Democratic front-runner and presumptive Republican nominee for president. An unprecedented 91 percent of voters 28 or younger favor having an independent on the ballot, and 65 percent of respondents are willing to support a candidate who isn’t Clinton or Trump. – Politico”

With two main players, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson being the “third option”, enough public groundswell could create a unique outcome in this year’s Presidential elections.

What Gary Johnson believes about Marijuana

In a recent interview with International Business Times, Gary Johnson explained his views on cannabis.

“A couple of things about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana products, from a medicinal standpoint, directly compete with legal prescription drugs that kill 100,000 people a year. There has not been one documented death due to marijuana. So [it’s] a whole lot safer and arguably as effective. On the recreational side, I have always maintained that legalizing marijuana will lead to less overall substance abuse because people will find marijuana as such a safer alternative than everything else that’s out there — starting with alcohol. The campaign to legalize marijuana in Colorado was a campaign based on: Marijuana is safer than alcohol.”

He continued further on our current Drug Laws.

“Oh, our drug laws. Tens of millions of Americans, but for drug laws, who are now convicted felons, would otherwise be taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. And we have the highest incarceration rate in the world, and at the heart of that is the drug war. We need to be looking at pardoning those convicted felons that have served out their sentences, and we need to look to be pardoning those that are in prison for victimless, nonviolent crime. And back to the disparity in drug laws: If you are of color, there is a four times more likelihood that you will go to jail than if you are white, and that has been — I’m going to take your word for it — continues to be the case.”

While we are not a politically oriented company here at Marijuana Doctors, we do wish to illustrate that you don’t have to fall victim to the binary paradigm. With candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson also throwing in their hat’s into the race, we think it is important to inform the cannabis community about these options. After all, there are 30 million regular cannabis users in the United States with an additional 20 million non-regulars in play, that comes out to roughly 15% of the country’s population. With an 86% approval rate for Medical Marijuana in the United States, perhaps it’s time that America starts shopping for their President at “other stores”.

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