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Why Do People Like Marijuana?

Why Do People Like Marijuana?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/24/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Some people use marijuana for fun, while others consume it for medical reasons. Despite their motivation for consumption, the acceptance of cannabis in modern society is quickly gaining ground. We have reached a point where cannabis legality is almost a certainty; it is now only a matter of time.

Over the past few months we have compiled some answer submitted by our users as to ‘why they like marijuana’. We have divided the answers into two sections: Recreational Users and Medical Users.

Why Medical Patients Love Marijuana

Medical patients find marijuana to be a necessity, and not simply a ‘desire’. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Substitution for pills – One of the most prominent responses by the medical community is in relation to pharmaceutical substitution. Instead of taking six pills, they replaced their medicine with one solid solution – Cannabis!
  • It works where Pharma failed – For others, cannabis is the solution to their problems. For many, pharmaceuticals only treat the symptoms of their illness, whereas cannabis helps treat the core issues related to the condition.
  • It cured my ailment – Other users found that cannabis completely cured their disease or condition. Many cancer patients, epileptics and so forth swear by cannabis as allowed them to become functional people once more.
  • It’s cheaper – Sure, cannabis isn’t cheap…but in many cases, it’s cheaper than the pharmaceutical option. This is especially true for cancer.
  • Fewer Negative Side Effects – Finally, medical patients find that the side effects of cannabis is virtually non-existent in comparison to pharmaceuticals. You won’t have to worry about kidney failure when using cannabis. Isn’t medicine supposed to heal you and not slowly kill other organs?

Why Recreational Users Like Marijuana

These are the most prominent answers to the question by recreational users:

  • The Effect – Of course, one of the most reported answers were that recreational users ‘like to get high’. The euphoria associated is one of the main attractions to why people enjoy cannabis…this is definitely a no brainer, but worth mentioning.
  • No Hangovers – Unlike alcohol, excessive cannabis use doesn’t leave you with the lingering headache the next day. This was another response that was quite prominent.
  • Diversity – Some recreational users love cannabis because they have diversity in terms of strains, consumption methods and so forth. It’s like wine, but cooler!
  • Creativity –  A lot of cannabis smokers use it as a way to gain new perspective and inspire new creative approaches to their art or lifestyles. Artists have been using cannabis for centuries to help inspire new ideas.
  • Socializing – A cannabis social event is very different than a booze-infused event. The topics of conversations in many cases tend to drift into the philosophical arena and hypotheticals are ever present.
  • Stress – Taking the edge off is another reason. People smoke marijuana recreationally to deal with every-day stresses.

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