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White Rhino Vaporizers

White Rhino Vaporizers

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/17/2013 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

New White Rhino Vaporizers for Patients

MarijuanaDoctors is proud to sponsor White Rhino Vaporizers. With an innovative product roster of vaporizers that are directed towards oils, wax and dry herbs, White Rhino features a wide range of vaporizers that can fit any patients desires. MarijuanaDoctors is delighted to be associated with a product that promotes medicating in the safest and most healthy way as is humanly possible. Vaporizing directly avoids the inhalation of the many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products of marijuana, and can prove as the most beneficial form of medicating due to its purity. White Rhino features various types of dual and single-function vaporizers that feature high quality parts and a performance that is nearly unbeatable. With White Rhino vaporizers, the only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is running out of vapor.

The White Rhino brand of vaporizers features five different models of vaporizers, all of which are meant to accommodate a medical marijuana patients specific need. Featured models are the Trifecta, DV2, Sleek, Dube and Liquid vaporizers. Whether you prefer your favorite Indica or Sativa dry medicine strain, or you are more of a concentrates and oils type of person, this brand has a product that fits every taste category of a patient.

The Trifecta vaporizer is one vapor pen that features three different attachment choices, ensuring patients they can receive the best of every world. This is considered the perfect vaporizer for those who want more than just one choice by which to vaporize. With this specific pen, patients are given the opportunity and ability to use oils, dry medicine herbs, or even wax. The Trifecta was designed strictly to enable patients to never have to make a tough decision again, as they are presented with numerous vaping opportunities.

The Liquid vaporizer is easily comparable to the ever-so-popular E-Cig. This vaporizer is the perfect product for patients who are looking to get the absolute most out of their e-juices and oils. By featuring a design made up of a long lasting battery, 1.6 milliliter liquid cartridge and a modernized shape, patients can smoke their oils in absolute style without having to look funny or run out of battery life. The Liquid vaporizer is featured in four different colors and is the ultimate option for those looking to utilize their oils to the best of their ability.

The White Rhino DV2 vaporizer is a primarily waxy oil and dry her vapor pen. This pen features an all-new sophisticated design and an even better performance rating. DV2 stands for a second generation Dual Vaporizer. That’s right, White Rhino has completed upgraded their previous Dual Vaporizer with more high quality parts, a performance rating that blows its previous model out of the water, and a new look that makes this product intriguing and fashionable. When it comes to the DV2 vapor pen, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what type of product you want to vape next.

The White Rino Sleek vapor pen is the choice for patients who are looking to simply smoke in style. With a similar design to that of a Cloud Pen or G-Pen, this pen features an extensive list of color choices that you cannot find with any other brand. By featuring seven different vibrant color choices, patients who choose this vaporizer will not only be the talk of the town, but they will be able to vape their waxy oils like no other. The Sleek White Rhino Vapor Pen is most certainly a stylistic way to smoke your favorite medicine.

Perhaps the most interesting of all the White Rhino products, is the Dübe vapor pen. The White

Rhino Dübe is the first of its kind and features some of the most innovative vaporizing technology to date. It’s completely compact design is made for patients who want a vaporizer, but love the sleek and sexy design of an E-Cig or one-hitter. This vapor pen features a heat absorbing coating on the Dübe’s cartomizer, ensuring the individual who purchases this product that they will never have to worry about being burned. Simply load your Dübe with your waxy oil and dry medicine of choice, and there you have it! Vaporizing discreetly on the go.

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