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What’s the Problem with being high?

What’s the Problem with being high?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/13/2015 in Marijuana Politics

After a long day at the office, Jim kicked off his shoes and poured a stiff drink to dilute the stress of the day. Once he finished the first one, he went on to another and could feel the numb touch of inebriation. Tired, he walked over to bed and fell asleep. Society did not crumble.

On the other side of town, Bob was also finishing a long day of work and once he arrived at the warm embrace of his home, he opened a little wooden chest in which a tightly rolled joint was waiting. He sparked up and smoked about half when he felt the euphoria fill his body. His stress melted away and the toll of the day kicked in. He walked over to bed and fell asleep. Society did not crumble.

Is there a problem with getting high?

In the two scenarios above, we have two individuals, working class citizens who have different ways of dealing with the stress accumulated during the day. One resorts to alcohol while the other to cannabis. In both cases, these individuals managed to deal with their stress in their own ways. Their actions did not affect anyone else. They did not go out and committed a crime of any sort. They pay their taxes, they contribute to society.

People constantly change their state of mind in order to deal with the anxiety and stress generated from being alive. Work, children, responsibilities all play a role in the accumulation of psychological discomfort.

To ‘unplug’ from it all through the use of a substance in moderation helps people to let go of these stresses and in turn renders them more productive in the future. Accumulated stress and anxiety not dealt with could influence your creativity, productivity and much more.

Society generally accepts ‘mind-alteration’ through alcohol but often times scorn those who choose marijuana as their substance of choice. Yet in essence, the actions are almost identical.

Why should it bother you if someone uses alcohol and another uses marijuana to achieve the same effect? Shouldn’t the individual have a say at how they live their own lives?

Yet the government spends billions of dollars trying to impede people from choosing marijuana, creating criminal elements and being a drain on the economy.

For some people, regardless of the substance, abuse can be a problem. However, this doesn’t constitute the implementation of a policy that criminalizes all for the issues of a few. We don’t do it with alcohol, then why do we do it with cannabis?

It’s time that as a society we embrace the fact that people use substances like alcohol and marijuana for recreation, relaxation and in the case of cannabis…medicine.

There is nothing morally wrong with getting high. Even in nature, we find dolphins passing pufferfish around like joints in order to get a bit ‘euphoric’. Rather than suppress our nature, let’s embrace it and educate people on proper use. While we’re at it, we could also be saving billions and redirecting new revenue streams to rebuilding infrastructure, generating new jobs and ushering in a new era of tolerance.

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