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What will happen to Medical Marijuana once Cannabis is legal for adults

What will happen to Medical Marijuana once Cannabis is legal for adults

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/17/2013 in Medical Marijuana

A lot of medical marijuana patients have expressed their concerns to me about the legalization movement of cannabis. They believe that if everyone can smoke cannabis freely, that their medicine would be compromised.

It is very different to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes and taking it to cure a brain tumor. The value you place on the substance is completely different mainly because on one hand you’re just trying to have a good time and on the other you’re trying to save your own life.

But what will happen to Medical Marijuana?

Firstly, as was shown with the legal marijuana shift in Colorado and Washington, nothing! Dispensaries will still be serving medical marijuana patients and in fact they would have even more benefits than before.

In fact, the medical marijuana avenue would be the only way for a child to legally obtain marijuana. No child under 21 would be able to legally purchase cannabis, however let’s say thus said child suffers from Epilepsy, marijuana might be prescribed, that’s right…PRESCRIBED to the patient.

Not only will this be the only way for kids to get marijuana, the medical strains will become more specialized. Similar to Charlotte’s Web, other strains will be developed with certain characteristics of the plant amplified to treat specific diseases and conditions.

You might have a strain grown to fight diabetes, another to fight breast cancer and still another for Parkinson’s. The future of the Medical Marijuana industry, to those who are willing to up the Ante, looks very promising.

The Schism is a must

While medical dispensaries are wary of the legality of cannabis for recreational purposes the reality of the situation is that this division is absolutely necessary. Medical conditions require rigorous testing, quality control and consistency in doses of which the recreational field would not be able to maintain mainly due to cost issues. Medical cannabis will undergo a greater degree of scrutiny which essentially will improve the quality and the effectiveness of cannabis based medicines.

There will be a transitional phase but in order to compete with the legal market the medical marijuana market will have to innovate and specialize their efforts which would not only implement more precise science, it will eventually cure diseases at a much greater ratio. People eventually would be able to know how much of whichever compound within marijuana in relation to their body weight would work against a “specific” disease or condition.

So to answer the question; The Medical Marijuana industry will establish itself with a greater degree of professionalism and higher standards. It will only get better and more precise.

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