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Weekly State Medical Marijuana Law Updates

Weekly State Medical Marijuana Law Updates

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/24/2011 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical Marijuana is legal in 16 states (plus Washington DC) and counting. Wondering what’s going on with new medical marijuana laws? Here’s what’s been happening across the nation:

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, more than 3300 patients have applied to participate in the state’s brand new medical marijuana program since it started accepting applications on April 14. The program itself will go live June 1. The department has approved 3149 so far, with the other applications still under review. In these applications, 2,797, listed chronic pain as the qualifying condition, 1,392 of the applicants were 51 years old or older, and the rest were split among the following age groups: 629 from 18 to 30 years old, 664 from 31 to 40 and 650 from 41 to 50.


Is it time for medical marijuana in Ohio? State Rep. Bob Hagan, D-60th, and Kenny Yuko, D-7th, reintroduced a medical marijuana bill in the Ohio House last month. Additionally a prominent chairman, Peter B. Lewis, has submitted a request for proposals to conduct a ballot-initiative campaign to legalize medical marijuana. In a statewhere more than 70% of residents support the medical use of marijuana, this ballot initiative stands a good chance in getting sick Ohio residents safe and legal access to medical cannabis.

A bill is being considered in Oregon that would make several changes to the state’s existing medical marijuana law. Changes would mean:  

  • Oregon State Police would receive the addresses of every registered medical marijuana grow site in Oregon
  • Medical marijuana patients under age 18 would have to renew their card every six months by a doctor who specializes in treating children
  • Growers would only be able to be a caregiver for two medical marijuana card holders.
  • Only Oregon residents would be eligible for medical marijuana
  • nationwide (not just statewide) criminal background checks for cardholders, growers and caregivers.

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