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Weed Mapping Site Fully Integrated into the Medical Cannabis Network

Weed Mapping Site Fully Integrated into the Medical Cannabis Network

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/20/2011 in Medical Marijuana News

The Medical Cannabis Network (MCN) today announced the full integration of, MCN’s #1 marijuana mapping solution, into all of its brands to offer maximum exposure for its advertisers and create never-before-seen marketing opportunities for the medical marijuana industry. Sponsored listings on will now receive premier placement within, and for maximum exposure and unparalleled access to the worldwide cannabis community.

“Our ultimate goal at MCN is to offer the industry the most advanced features and functionality, and that’s exactly what this integration achieves,” said Jason Draizin, Chairman and CEO of MCN. “Not only are we creating innovative B2C marketing opportunities for businesses in the medical marijuana industry, but we are better serving patients as well. By integrating PotLocator into all of our brands, patients can see exactly where they can purchase the best meds and find the best prices.”

New integration and features for sponsored listings on PotLocator include:

*Direct Patient Acquisition from

MCN connects sponsored PotLocator listings directly with patients entering the medical marijuana industry via All patients booking through, emailing and calling into the Medical Cannabis Network are referred directly over to, and GEO-targeted coupons from sponsored PotLocator listings are presented to patients as they complete the recommendation process. Not only does this directly connect patients and collectives, it gives physicians peace of mind knowing that their patients will get safe access to their meds, which is especially important given the fact that doctors can’t legally discuss how patients can acquire medical marijuana.

*Exclusive Coupons:

Sponsored listings on can now offer up to 3 exclusive coupons throughout the Medical Cannabis Network. These live, geo-targeted coupons present discounts and deals based on each user’s location, creating a portal for direct patient marketing in the medical marijuana industry. Not only are these coupons presented on the home page of PotLocator, they are integrated into relevant search results on and are displayed to new patients booking appointments at This high-traffic exposure offers an exceptional way for cannabis-based businesses to target new patients and increase their first new patient acquisitions.

*Featured Listings on Web’s only Weed Search Engine:

Sponsored PotLocator listings will also receive priority ranking in search results on, MCN’s innovative cannabis-based search engine. The top three sponsored listings for any given geographical area will receive featured placements for Cheeba search results of dispensaries and collectives. Additionally, one of their exclusive coupons will appear alongside the featured listing for maximum exposure.

*High-Profile Exposure on Cheeba’s Marijuana Mapping System:

Sponsored listings from are now ported directly into Cheeba’s brand new marijuana mapping system, the cannabis equivalent of Google Maps. When a user searches for dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, head shops or any other type of marijuana-related business at, local business listings are displayed on a map based on the actual search criteria as well as the user’s IP address. Each sponsored listing that pops up on the marijuana map includes a direct link back to its profile on

*Full Integration on StrainBrain:, the web’s most advanced marijuana reviews site, now utilizes PotLocator’s search functionality so that patients identifying their strains can see exactly where they can purchase each strain and find the best prices. If PotLocator’s sponsored dispensary listings have a particular strain in stock, will directly link to that dispensary’s PotLocator profile. The distance away from the patient’s IP address will also be displayed so the online traffic will continue to be localized based on a listing’s relative location to that patient.

*Links from StrainBrian’s Cannabis Labels:

At StrainBrain, cannabusinesses can create free, fully-customizable labels for hundreds of strains. If a dispensary is an advertiser on PotLocator, it will also be able to add it’s own logo to the label to create co-branded labels. When patients scan the label’s QR code with their mobile devices, data is pulled from the database, which points patients to each collective that sells that particular strain, as well as displays each dispensary’s featured coupons—giving PotLocator’s sponsored listings more exposure to patients on the go.

(Read the full press release here)

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