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Is the War on Drugs really just “War”….on Drugs!

Is the War on Drugs really just “War”….on Drugs!

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/18/2015 in Marijuana Politics

We think of the “War on Drugs” as a title to a government campaign that has lasted for over 4 decades and stems from prohibition which has nearly been in place for 80 years. This policy uses violent tactics to ‘rid the world’ of drugs and claim that they are doing so in the name of…well, health?

However, recently I started thinking about the senselessness of this war, how it has negatively affected millions of lives, pushed back scientific discovery for decades and allowed the government to grow into a monster that seemingly controls every aspect of our lives.

Perhaps then, the War on Drugs is merely “War” – On Drugs!

Misdirected Targets

The first thing we must understand in warfare is that there has to be an “enemy” involved, otherwise it is known as “genocide”. The second thing we must understand is that “drugs” are merely inanimate objects, they hold no political view nor have the ability to “do anything” without human interaction.

This brings me to ‘who’ is the target of this so called “war on drugs”.

The “target” are not drugs…but humans!

The Title of the War on Drugs is misleading as it suggests that these ‘government agencies’ are combating these ‘horrid drugs’ when in reality the only victim in this war are the people involved. It is important to understand this concept to comprehend the ‘end game’ of the war on drugs.

Perpetuated Wars

The Drug War is one of the longest and most violent wars humanity has faced over the past 100 years. It can only survive because there is no definite enemy, similar to the “War on Terror”. Since the ‘enemy’ is faceless, the government has the liberty to shift blame as they choose, perpetuating the fear and the ‘perceived threat’ of this invisible enemy.

Thus this War really has no purpose other than to exist. There is no end game in sight, the end-game is to sustain the policy for as long as they can at the expense of the rest of us.

This is when I realized that this “war” is not intended to be won…but to simply exist. It’s time for society to Detox…from War…

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