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The Voice of the People starting to Make some Noise

The Voice of the People starting to Make some Noise

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/25/2013 in Medical Marijuana

It seems that the voice of the people is starting to make some noise over in DC. David Grosso filed a bill that essentially would give regulatory authority to DC Alcoholic Beverages Regulation Administration to regulate marijuana legally.

More interesting however is that the public is showing their support as polls showed that 60% would support regulate marijuana program and 54% supports decriminalizing all drugs. This shows that the general population is waking up to a mature approach to drugs.

Why not Legalize all drugs?

As we look towards marijuana legalization we don’t want to jump the gun straight to legalizing all drugs. After all, Heroin shouldn’t be sold publically should it?

Well, that is where the debate begins. Some people argue that by legalizing and regulating all drugs, especially the dangerous ones, will be a smarter approach than the current almost Militant approaches to drug prohibition. For instance, if Heroin would be legal there would be significant regulations in place to ensure that kids or non-addicts could not readily get their hands on it. A system could be institutionalized where “addicts” can receive legal doses in specified locations commonly known as methadone clinics.

When you remove the “need” to get a “fix” and make it essentially legal and Free to the addict statistics show that crime rates drastically drop.

Obviously we’d still have to debate the living hell out of the issue before any real movement can be made on our draconian like drug laws.

Good News for Marijuana

America and the World is ready for Marijuana. No matter how hard they try cannabis will see prohibition repealed and once more will be ushered into the service of mankind. As time continues people will realize that prohibition was one of the most shameful acts of humanity in recent history. Arresting people based on choice is not just wrong, it is absolutely atrocious.

Cannabis has gained enough public support that DC is waking up. Sooner than later Federal Prohibition will see its end, even Holder announced that they would work close with Legal states and shifted the priorities of the DoJ. A small victory which is still not technically a victory since we still have to see if the “words” will stick, but at least from a perceptive point of view we find that politicians are realizing that they fighting the matter is a futile cause.

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