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Why the US should care about what’s happening in Mexico Presently

Why the US should care about what’s happening in Mexico Presently

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/28/2014 in Marijuana Politics

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, all hell has broken loose in Mexico. After a the local police of Iguala in the State of Guerrero, not only killed a few but handed over 43 students to drug cartels under the order of the Mayor’s wife, protestors have been going rampant all over the country. The protests have gone viral and the entire world is watching the streets of Mexico as protestors demand justice for the 43 students who have disappeared and remains have not been recovered.

I’m American…why should I care?

While the US isn’t directly responsible for what happened to the 43 students, their hands are not clean of the bloodshed. Since the Merida Initiative, agreed under the reign of Felipe Calderon, the former president of Mexico…the state of the nation only deteriorated over time. Under Calderon, official deaths and missing people have tallied up to close to 100,000 people. With the change of power to the current president, violence continues rampant due to the outsourced “War on Drugs”.

But still, why should you care?

Well for starters, the Department of Justice supplied weapons to drug cartels under the operation “Fast & Furious” which, according to the DOJ, was in hopes of tracking the guns to the source of the cartels. Yet the operation was handled so poorly that most of the guns simply disappeared after crossing the border and one of the guns actually killed a border Agent Brian Terry.

The US has a long history of outsourcing warfare as in the case of Columbia in the 1980’s and now with Mexico since 2006. With an increased crack down on these cartels, warfare spread across the nation like cancer.

The US’s insatiable appetite for drugs created large profit margins for Cartels to “bank on” resulting in more resources to expand their criminal enterprises and even infiltrate US cities. Speaking of banks, several major banks were caught red-handed laundering drug money and were only slapped with a minimal fine.

While most of the violence have remained “somewhat” contained in Mexico, there have been cross over violence reported in many border towns in the US.

Bottom Line

The US might not be responsible for the disappearance of the 43 “normalistas” in the State of Guerrero but they do have a hand in the proliferation of the drug war in Mexico. Of course, the Mexican government is tied heavily with cartels and politicians have long been in bed with these same organizations.

What can we do?

Firstly, the US cannot send military force to Mexico due to the constitution of Mexico forbidding an “occupying force” seeing it as an “act of war”. Secondly, they shouldn’t send any assistance to the Mexican government who is definitely involved with drug cartels, sending military aid would essentially be assisting the drug cartels against the “people”.

The only real solution to help stifle the horrendous political environment in Mexico would be to end the drug war for good. By taking away the incentive for drug trafficking, which will never be truly erased, you begin to limit the over $300 billion dollar per year industry profits, which will have a trickling effect on organized crime.

Finally, the US should condemn the Mexican government, which obviously they won’t do, due to their involvement with drug cartels, violations of human rights and now by arresting 11 protesters and placing them in Maximum security prisons.

The main reason why the US should care is because Mexico shares over 2000 miles of border with the US and if you were afraid of illegal immigrants, what do you think will happen when the entire country breaks into civil war?

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