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An Ultimatum to the Lawmakers in regards to Cannabis Legalization

An Ultimatum to the Lawmakers in regards to Cannabis Legalization

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/10/2013 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Law is always subject to change based on the perception on what’s “right or wrong” in the eyes of society. But true “law” is meant to serve as a guideline on how to live. In fact the argument actually comes down to “who is affected” by the alleged crime committed.

What is a Victimless Crime?

True Crime is an action that deprives a person of their property, freedom or life. It is something that affects another adversely and should be punished. This includes; Murder, Rape, Theft, Violent actions against another, Depravation of freedom, Harassment, Forced Sexual Relations, Outright Slander and more actions of this nature.

A victimless crime is something that affects no one except the institution that has created the rhetoric for the crime. Victimless crimes include; Consuming drugs, Prostitution, Assisted Suicide, Unauthorized reproduction of copyright material and so forth. These are crimes that seemingly do not “harm” another person but in many cases are the harshest laws on the planet. If you don’t believe me just ask Mr. Assange on that one.

In fact Murder these days will get you less time than selling cannabis strains or pirating a movie for no profit.

It is a ridiculous notion to believe that most of our law enforcement resources are targeted to victimless crimes while black market enterprises such as human trafficking and organ trafficking run rampant and unchallenged.

A word to the Politicos

It is becoming apparent that the world is becoming more acceptant to marijuana and tolerant to drug consumption as a whole. We understand that it isn’t a crime but a habit, and addiction is a disease.

We understand that the way we consume digital goods have changed and that you, the ancient and wary, do not know how to adapt to this new style of consumption. We understand you haven’t figured out “how to make money” from these actions as of yet but that is besides the point.

We are tired of the way things have been done and we demand a change. We demand that crimes that actually leave a victim become police priority. We demand that victimless crimes cease to be a crime. We demand that you end Drug prohibition and that we enter into the future with peace and understanding, with tolerance and science.

A trend of resistance

It seems that the government has pressed too many demographical buttons that there is a general trend of resistance. People are voting against laws, they are protesting in the streets and sooner than later there might be a point of no return.

At one point in time people will disregard these victimless-crimes and blatantly protest by doing the action. People will grow marijuana more and more each year until it’s legal. People will pirate more digital goods until a new approach to copyright laws are implemented.

The ultimatum to these lawmakers goes as follows: We allow you to change it and if you refuse…we will!

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