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U.S. Attorney Walsh Orders Ten More CO Dispensaries to Move or Close

U.S. Attorney Walsh Orders Ten More CO Dispensaries to Move or Close

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/06/2012 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Last Friday, United States Attorney John Walsh’s office issued letters to the landlords and owners of ten medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado that are supposedly said to be within 1,000 feet of schools, and proceeded to notify them that they have forty-five days to shut down all operations, move their business elsewhere to a compliant location, or face federal prosecution and enforcement action. The ten medical marijuana dispensaries that received letters were said to be in the Denver metropolitan area as well as southern Colorado.

This is not the first time that John Walsh’s office has sent out letters to Colorado dispensaries that were deemed “too close” to schools. This happens to be the third wave of these letters. Back in January, the first wave of letters were sent to twenty-three medical marijuana locations, and proceeded to make its second wave in March to another twenty-five businesses. Until recently after an order to shut down a dispensary was withdrawn, a total of forty-seven of Colorado’s medical marijuana dispensaries have been shuttered since the initial crackdown began in January. Mind you, the one order to shut down that was withdrawn was only because the school that the dispensary was near was no longer in use. This has become one of the most aggressive law-enforcement actions pursued by the federal government against the medical marijuana industry.

You can definitely say that United States Attorney John Walsh is deeply committed to this medical marijuana crackdown. He defends himself however, always reiterating that these closures occur strictly because they are operating within 1,000 feet of a school and note that it is not for the best interest of Washington D.C., but solely for the purpose of him being both a United States Attorney, and a Coloradan. Think about this though, as the feds are cracking down on Walsh’s beloved Colorado medical marijuana program and industry, his fellow Coloradan’s are getting ready to vote on Amendment 64 and will begin to decide whether or not Colorado should legalize marijuana this November. Most people believe that this vote will directly affect the presidential race, especially in a state like Colorado and in a city like Denver, where medical marijuana dispensaries outnumber the number of Starbuck’s throughout the entire state.

Amendment 64 is an act that seeks the legalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational use for adults, and it appears to be quite popular amongst Colorado voters. After a June Ramussen Report poll was conducted, it showed a whopping 61% favorable vote that was in favor of legalizing marijuana. This, is the highest percentage of Colorado voter support that any marijuana related legalization poll has shown to date, and in December of 2011, a similar poll was conducted through Public Policy Polling but it showed only 49% of Colorado voters supporting the general legalization of marijuana.

As for Amendment 64’s potential, this specific marijuana legalization initiative has received reigning support from both Republicans and Democrats alike. Nearly 56% of the delegates that attended the Denver County Republican Assembly back in March voted to support the legalization, and later in April, the Colorado Democratic Party officially endorsed Amendment 64, making the marijuana legalization plank part of the current party platform.  Only time will tell to see where this ballot takes not only the presidential race, but as well as the state’s medical marijuana industry and program. 

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