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Top Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Top Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/15/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

With roughly 3.8% of the world’s population smoking marijuana, which comes to roughly 158 million to 200 million people, it is important that we remove any and all criminal penalties to this peaceful group of people.

Below we’ll take on the top ten reasons to legalize marijuana today! Let’s get started!

Marijuana is Safer than currently legal recreational drugs

If a consenting adult has the right to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, why can’t he or she choose a substance that is scientifically proven to be safer than both are? In fact, directly related deaths to tobacco soars in the 400,000 per year margin in the US alone whereas alcohol related deaths are estimated at the 80,000 per year.

Even if we take the sensationalist stories about ‘cannabis related deaths’ this year…we’re standing on two. One of a kid who jumped a window (allegedly) because he ate a marijuana edible, the other of a guy who shot his wife (allegedly) under the influence of an edible. While this is very subjective, it still only reaches a count of two people in one year. Compare this to the nearly half a billion dying from alcohol and tobacco, cannabis is by far the safer alternative.

Medical Value

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Every year, in fact almost every month we learn about new discoveries and medical properties of the plant. People have cured their cancer with cannabis oils, controlled their seizures and much more. Even GW Pharmaceuticals are patenting cannabis compound ratios for treating certain types of cancers. If this doesn’t debunk the “no medical value” paradigm, I don‘t know what would!


Not only does legal cannabis generate tax revenue that would have gone to criminal organizations, it cuts costs of enforcement drastically. The tally of Colorado’s tax income and reduction in enforcement spending, we have seen the state save/generate $250 million in one year. While the legal system is still in its infant stage, we can already see significant benefit.


Hemp is also another aspect of legality that most people overlook. In fact, hemp was made illegal because of marijuana and many argue that the objective was to prohibit hemp in order for the petrochemical industry to obtain a monopoly on the market. With legalization, we bring back hemp, which will produce biodegradable plastics, housing, and roughly 25,000+ other uses I simply can’t mention in this article!

Reduction in Prison Population

Finally, the civil rights issues are of the utmost importance. Prohibition has been racially targeting minorities, creating a system of pseudo-legal slavery where someone can be forced to labor for mere cents per hour. Almost 80% of the military goods are produced by the prison industrial complex, and a vast number of these prisoners are in there for “drug related” offenses.

Legalizing marijuana will drastically reduce the drug prison population giving citizens a fighting chance to create a future they desire, and not dictated by a draconian policy aimed at oppressing the masses.

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