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The Many uses of Hash

The Many uses of Hash

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/19/2013 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

Hash is probably one of the oldest ways that marijuana was smoked and traded and dates back thousands of years. Many people overlook hash but there are in fact many different uses for hash and knowing how to use them could bring great potential to one’s health and happiness.

In the following section we’ll cover some of the uses of Hash and even see how it is being used till this day for purposes other than consumption.

Preservation of Medicine

Hash, similar to oils, can stay fresh for a very long time. If you need to store a large amount of cannabis, making hash is one of the best ways to store your medicine. Unlike raw or cured cannabis Hash won’t dry out, rot or attract pests which is a massive reason many patients love hash.

Hash is more potent

Obviously this depends on the strain but in general hash is more potent than smoking buds. You obtain higher doses of THC when smoking hash which provides a much more “uplifting” experience. You need less hash than bud to achieve the same effect.

Hash as an edible

Yes eating hash is very good for you. Some people use it similar to oils and would eat a small ball of hash in the morning and in the evening. It doesn’t get you high and does wonders for your body.

Hash as a Currency

In some parts of India people use Hash or “Charras” as currency. Charras is hash harvested from a raw cannabis plant. They simply take the bud from the plant and begin to rub their hands on it allowing the resin to stick to their hands. Then they use their thumbs to make balls of hash from the resin itself and in turn use these balls as currency to purchase food and other necessities. If it wasn’t for their “charras” they would have no economy to trade with.

Hash is more concealable

Hash is easier to hide due to the fact that the smell is more contained. Hash normally has a very intense smell but you need to put your nose to it. A fresh baggy of cannabis simply needs to have the seal broken to fill an entire room with the delicious aroma. For those who wish to remain inconspicuous Hash is a very good hider.

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