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Mrs. Dee C

Mrs. Dee C

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/28/2017

I am a 53 year old woman with chronic pain from a broken leg and many open fractures. My other leg had a transplant now, and I am bone on bone. I’ve had many car accidents, motorcycle accidents as a passenger and digestive issues that give me nausea 24-7. I always say “It’s the quality of life, not the quantity”. So one doctor called me, from I guess this site. He wanted $1,000 fee to certify me. I had to say “no, thank you”. I then found a doctor in Farmingville, Suffolk County. He only charged $250. It was worth it as other doctors are charging $300-$500. We went into great detail about my pain, nausea injury and weight loss. He explained products differed from smoking. I found Dr. Mitchell Ehrlich to be kind, understanding and informative, and his staff was very kind. I was very comfortable. I am waiting on my card. I would like to THANK the Marijuana Doctors for helping me to find a certified doctor in my area. I was searching since July 2015. I am looking forward to receiving my card in the mail. I think this is the answer to my suffering and many others’ needless suffering.

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