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Telemedicine Portal Now Live, See A Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Telemedicine Portal Now Live, See A Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/07/2016 in Medical Marijuana News

Catering to the increasing demand for online medical marijuana services, is proud to announce that it’s highly-anticipated, and fully-integrated, e-visit patient / physician medical marijuana Telemedicine Portal is now live, giving patients the technological ability to see a medical marijuana doctor online — on-demand, live, and in real-time!

In the age of information and technology, the doctor’s “house call” has been revolutionized, allowing for health and medical care to now be accessed instantly, on-demand, and from “virtually” everywhere. Now qualified patients are empowered with the ability, to book an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor online; get a medical marijuana evaluation online; get a medical marijuana recommendation online, and so much more.

With the availability of medical marijuana services online, qualified patients can now enjoy the benefits of getting a medical marijuana card, within minutes. And while patients enjoy the benefits of instant-service satisfaction, marijuana doctors are now in the position to cut costs and save time, by providing medical marijuana services, online.

Whether a patient is new to cannabis, or is already a registered and qualified medical marijuana patient, the virtual capabilities of telemedicine technology have upgraded the process of accessing compassionate care, making the entire process from evaluation to medication, now, simple, quick, and easy!


With the passage of legislature in CaliforniaConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNevadaNew York, and Rhode Island, patients and physicians alike, may now use medical marijuana telemedicine services, to become a legal medical marijuana patient, and to renew a medical marijuana card — the telemedicine portal is the most convenient way to access compassionate care, headache and hassle-free. For patients in CA / CT / ME / MA / NV, NY, and RI, the process of seeing a marijuana doctor on-demand, is now as simple as picking up a smartphone; as quick as “real-time” can get; and as easy as simply surfing online.

While states such as District of Columbia, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, do not allow for the use of telemedicine to establish a bonafide relationship, they are however, allowed to use telemedicine services to provide the required follow-up visits.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTORS ON-DEMAND is a complete medical marijuana solution for doctors “recommending / prescribing” medical marijuana in their respective state’s, and is the nation’s largest network of marijuana doctors online, empowering network physicians with the ability to become relevant in the online medical marijuana space, while cementing their digital footprint, and ultimately rising in the relevant search rankings, online.

The telemedicine subdomain was created as a middle algorithm, designed to evenly distribute patients, to physicians in the same state. When a marijuana doctor is ready to begin, a highlighted button will appear on the homepage, notifying patients of their option to see a medical marijuana doctor now, on-demand, instead of at a later date, in-person.

Additionally this indispensable online medical marijuana service, also provides physicians with essential calendaring abilities, free patient verification service, and a vital patient symptom tracker. Telemedicine medical marijuana doctors, can also enjoy the ease and convenience of using a recommendation generator for each legal medical marijuana state, with the added benefit of now being able to acquire a digital upload of the patient’s drivers license, and digital signature.


Dedicated to bridging the gap between qualified medical marijuana doctors, and medical marijuana patients, the telemedicine portal was created as a solution for delivering compassionate care to patients who, until now, were unable to access the care they require, as a result of the chronic and severely debilitating nature of their physical condition, limiting and restricting their mobility. And also, as a solution for the significant number of qualified patients, who despite qualifying, are unable to access medical cannabis, as a result of living in medically underserved communities, and in remote regions of the country.

Additionally, the telemedicine portal is the perfect way for patients to discretely, and confidentially access medical marijuana, from the privacy of their own home — a key feature for patients who prefer to keep the status of the medical marijuana certification private, and highly confidential.

And, it has quickly become the chosen method for medicating, by medical marijuana patients who are working professionals, and require a convenient way to immediately get the care they need — having the ability to see a medical marijuana doctor on-demand, and get a medical marijuana card instantly, means that these high-powered executives for whom time is money, can now access the medical marijuana services they need, mobily, while on-the-go.


Telemedicine medical marijuana services online don’t stop at certifications and renewals, patients can also now enjoy the convenience of this streamlined service, to conduct all of their required return-visit appointments with their medical marijuana physician, online — a required service especially for states on the east coast. Patients may also use medical marijuana services online, to book an appointment with their local medical marijuana dispensary — yet another necessary service especially for states on the east coast — and, serve as proof of patient verification, at the patient’s local medical cannabis clinic, as well.

The upgrade in technology also means that patients can now receive text message reminders for appointments, and recommendation renewals, as well as push notifications to the app. is an oasis to both medical marijuana patients, and medical marijuana doctors, and the Telemedicine Portal is going to prove to be a “real-time” fundamental lifeline, bridging the divide that until now, has unfortunately existed between online medical marijuana physicians and qualified patients, throughout the United States.

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