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Is T-Mobile Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients?

Is T-Mobile Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/19/2010 in Medical Marijuana News

Earlier this week, T-Mobile was sued by Ez Texting, a text message marketing company, for allegedly blocking access to the T-Mobile network because of a client that provided information on medical marijuana.

Ez Texting filed the lawsuit with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and claims that T-Mobile cut off access to its network because T-Mobile “did not approve” of one of EZ Texting’s clients,, aka WeedMaps.

WeedMaps, which legally operates in states where medical marijuana laws have been passed, describes itself as “a community where medical marijuana patients connect with other patients in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors, and delivery services.” Sounds like a great resource for medical marijuana patients, but T-Mobile doesn’t seem to care.

This major telecommunications company appears to be discriminating against an industry that helps thousands of patients across the country. The first repercussion of this decision is that Ez Texting has stopped providing its service to WeedMaps. If this is to set a precedent for the industry, certainly this could prevent growth in the medical marijuana industry by detering the creation of companies that offer serices to medical marijuana patients.

In order for medical marijuana patients to have safe access to their medicine, we need acceptance. Patients who are in compliance with their state laws should NOT be made to feel like criminals. When a billion dollar company makes a decision like this based on discrimination against medical cannabis, it only hurts the medical marijuana industry, and ultimately, the chronically ill people who depend on it every day.

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