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Suffering Patients Find Medical Marijuana Effectively Treats Symptoms of Crohn’s and Colitis

Suffering Patients Find Medical Marijuana Effectively Treats Symptoms of Crohn’s and Colitis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/24/2016 in Medical Marijuana Studies

Individuals who have Colitis or Crohn’s Disease will attest that life with these conditions can mean always thinking about when the next flare up will occur and the severity of the symptoms they will experience. For the past few years, there has been limited treatments for the conditions, which are both painful and life-altering. While individuals with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis did have access to some prescription medications as treatment, they were mostly left to manage the symptoms of this condition on their own.

Fortunately, recent studies have shown the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a treatment for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Both conditions are now qualified for treatment by medical marijuana. Therefore, individuals suffering from Crohn’s Disease and Colitis have access to medical cannabis treatment in more states than before.

What Is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s Disease is an IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease. This condition causes inflammation of the digestive tract’s lining. This inflammation can lead to weight loss, abdominal pain, malnutrition, severe diarrhea, and fatigue. Crohn’s disease can cause inflammation of any part of the digestive tract. Therefore, this condition will impact the digestive system in different ways for different people.

The inflammation that this condition causes can spread deep into the layers of the digestive tract. Not only can Crohn’s disease be debilitating and painful, but it can also cause life-threatening complications.

As of now, there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease. However, there are therapies that can reduce the symptoms and signs of this condition and even induce long-term remission. Treatment allows individuals with Crohn’s disease to lead a fairly normal life.

What Is Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis refers to a disease that leads to inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the colon, or large intestine. Colitis usually impacts the sigmoid colon, which is the lower section of the large intestine, and the rectum. However, in some cases, colitis will impact the entire large intestine. Usually, the more of the large intestine that is affected, the more severe the symptoms will be. The main symptoms of colitis are bleeding from the rectum, belly pain, cramps, and diarrhea. Weight loss, fever, and loss of appetite are also common symptoms of colitis.

People of all ages can suffer from colitis. However, individuals are usually diagnosed with colitis before reaching the age of 30. As of now, experts don’t know for sure what causes colitis. However, they suspect that viruses, bacteria, or the overreaction of the immune system to normal bacteria can cause colitis. Individuals with a family history of ulcerative colitis are more likely to develop the condition.

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Crohn’s and Colitis

In the past few years, researchers have conducted quite a few studies to investigate the medical cannabis benefits for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. For example, researchers from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire investigated the interaction of cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with inflammatory disorders, such as colitis.

The researchers found that not only did THC and CBD reduce inflammation in a model of colitis, but it also reduced the number of occurrences of functional disturbances. The researchers concluded that the combination of THC and CBD could benefit patients therapeutically via potentiating or additive effects.

First Cannabis Peer Review Study

Recently, an invitation to the first nationwide medical marijuana study has been extended to 227,883 individuals. These individuals are qualified to participate in the study and hold a medical cannabis card. The purpose of this peer review study, which is the first of its nature in the United States, is to collect and analyze data from patients across to country to show the government the benefits of medical marijuana.

About 460 marijuana doctors have received an invitation to participate in this cannabis peer review study. Hopefully, these marijuana doctors will take advantage of these invitations and participate in the study to be able to monitor the progress of patients. These marijuana doctors will have the opportunity to learn about the many medical marijuana uses and the effectiveness of medical cannabis when it comes to the ailments suffered by patients.

Participants will use a mobile app called Symptom Tracker to input data. This titration data will be analyzed to determine the relative effectiveness of various marijuana strains for the treatment of Crohn’s disease and colitis. The relative effectiveness of various delivery methods will also be investigated.

Importance of Patient Participation

In order to successfully show the federal government the merits of medical cannabis as a medicine, patient participation among those who hold a medical marijuana card is of essence. In spite of two petitions, the Drug Enforcement Agency still refused to reschedule medical cannabis under the CSA in August 2016. The DEA still deems marijuana to be a schedule 1 controlled substance.

For more information about the cannabis peer review study, and to sign up to participate in the study simply register on for instant free access to the Symptom Tracker application being used to track patient data.

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