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Spice/K2 – The Result of Marijuana Prohibition

Spice/K2 – The Result of Marijuana Prohibition

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/27/2015 in Medical Marijuana Laws

There is a rise of emergency room visits due to imitation pot commonly known as Spice or K2. While some people refer to this drug as “Synthetic Marijuana”, there is really no marijuana in this at all. In reality, it’s a concoction of chemicals that are designed to mimic the ‘high’ of weed however there is no chemical resemblance to cannabis as a whole.

These synthetic cannabinoids are not tested and people don’t know the long term health effects. Yet nonetheless, in April there were more than 1500 emergency room visits because of the drug as opposed to a month prior, which was 269.

While this does pose a public health risk, we need to ask ourselves as to ‘why’ it exists.

It’s all in the name

This drug could have been called many things, yet people call it “synthetic marijuana”. This should tell you something about the motivation of the drug developers as they try to create a legal alternative to marijuana.

The question we should ask is whether this drug would have ever been developed if marijuana was legal in the first place. Since regulators outlawed THC, chemists have found ways to alter compounds to evade these regulations. The moment this ‘new’ compound is made illegal, all a chemist has to do is change a few aspects to make it ‘legal’ once more.

This game between drug regulators and manufacturers will never end as long as prohibition is on the map. This is because there is a huge demand for ‘getting high’. If you don’t believe me, just ask any criminal enterprise that sells drugs…they never have a lack of customers.

Yet, our government approaches this ‘desire’ with stern opposition and throws anyone in jail for attempting to alter their own state of consciousness.

Drug Education VS Drug Prohibition

I think after nearly 80 years of exercising a failed policy we can safely say that drug prohibition does not work. People still risk their liberty to get their hands on drugs and also invent new drugs to outwit legislation.

The only real approach to ‘drug consumption’ around the world is to educate people on how to properly do it. Teach them about the real world consequences of using certain substances, provide safer alternatives and embrace the fact that the exploration of consciousness is embedded within the deep fabric of humanity.

‘Spice’ is a direct result of our current approach to Drug Policy and we must tally any and all deaths contributed by this substance directly to the death toll of Prohibition.

So I ask you, is Prohibition really making our lives ‘safer’?

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