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Why Society isn’t Tolerating Anti-Pot commentary

Why Society isn’t Tolerating Anti-Pot commentary

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/15/2014 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Recently the Twitter-verse exploded over the suggestive negative cannabis comment by Don Lemon who reported on the Ferguson riots by adding in a comment “Obviously, there’s a smell of marijuana in the air”.

Some people fail to see the outrage of those who responded to his inappropriate commentary. There is depth to the backlash and one must understand the media’s involvement with the prolonging of prohibition.

How the Media Extended Prohibition

The drug war relies heavily on the media to help maintain the image of the “devil weed”. It wasn’t until the birth of the Internet that people had access to an alternative source for information. The internet was a crucial in terms of providing momentum to the cannabis movement.

Prior to the internet, most people obtained their information from mainstream media and major newspaper outlets. Most of the negative stereotypes of the cannabis smoker came to be due to the involvement of the media.

For those of us who understand the media’s involvement in prohibition, a remark such as the one that Don Lemon unleashed on live television reminds us of media bias and very tools prohibitionists used to sway public opinion against their most valued crop.

What the remark insinuates

To fully grasp the nature of the comment you must firstly understand the context in which it was said. Don Lemon was reporting on the Ferguson issue that is currently unfolding in the US. Lemon reported hearing the sounds of gunfire and seeing protestors jumping on cars and ended off with the marijuana comment.

What this statement suggests is an association with violence and cannabis. Saying “Obviously” implies that due to the fact that guns are being fired and protestors are jumping on cars…they must be high on “the devil weed”.

This becomes even more important when law enforcement is grasping to blame marijuana in the Michael Brown incident. Kathi Alizadeh and Sheila Whirley, the assistant country prosecutors pushed the marijuana issue to the brim by suggesting that Michael Brown could have smoked “enough pot” to induce a state of psychosis, resulting in his behavior that led to him being shot.

The comment of Don Lemon further embeds deep into the subconscious of America the fact that violence and cannabis go together.

America a Maturing Nation

The American Public is becoming ever more mature about drug use. The proverbial cat is out of the bag on marijuana and it is impossible to stop the process of legalization. People will no longer stand for bias suggestive news that induce misconceptions of cannabis and the cannabis culture.

The people have spoken…and whether you are a politician or newscaster when you speak lies about cannabis…we will call you out on it!

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