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How is Smoking Marijuana a “Danger to Society?”

How is Smoking Marijuana a “Danger to Society?”

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/30/2013 in Medical Marijuana

“The Dangers of Marijuana” is something that Prohibitionists always talk about. They say it is “dangerous” to legalize implying that if we were to end prohibition tomorrow, the level of “danger” unleashed on the public would destroy the fundamental principles of America.

According to them Kids would almost immediately begin to smoke reefer and would in turn “ruin their lives” all because of marijuana. According to them every street corner will have a pot shop peddling dope to minors and there would be absolute no respect for the law.

This Fantasy was painted by the original prohibitionists and was embedded so deeply into the minds of America that Prohibitionists actually believe that this would happen. They site wild studies that claim some of the weirdest conclusions since the “Earth is flat” debacle.

But most of the “danger” associated with Cannabis is Prohibition related. A kid will have his life ruined if he is caught with marijuana but in most cases people who smoke weed “outgrow” it eventually. A lot of people would continue to smoke it for the rest of their lives but would still live a functional life where they pay taxes, have a family, career and so on. The danger in this scenario would be to have a criminal record that would not allow you to get student loans and you’d be subjected to a world of crap.

Prohibitionists believe kids will smoke pot like fiends pumped full of adrenaline but have no problem with their kids drinking themselves into a coma at spring break because “that’s just innocently young”. The LD-50 of cannabis is so high that it would take a kid 1500 pounds of reefer consumed in about 15 minutes before a fatal dose would occur. In other words it’s impossible to OD on pot but take 21 shots of tequila and you might be looking at an early grave.

Cannabis isn’t habit forming for most people save a rough 9% that have addictive personalities. These people can also be addicted to coffee, sex, sport and what have you. The majority of consumers would eventually smoke a reasonable amount of about a joint to a 2 joints a day (more on weekends) mainly because after a while people know themselves and how they react to cannabis. They learn how to use it in a functional way.

If you were to legalize cannabis people won’t be stoned all the time. They would be stoned sometimes however these times would be when they are relaxing at their house, in need of pain medication or on vacation.

The dangers of cannabis is far overly exaggerated and the only real threat that is very real is the prolonging of drug prohibition.

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